Sunday, April 29, 2007: 6:45 PM-9:30 PM
South Convention Lobby (Adams Mark Hotel)
Poster session 1
Chair:Nancy S. Dowe
Co-chair:Ranil Wickramasinghe
Optimizing crop feedstocks for cellulosic ethanol production
Michael J. Blaylock, Bruce W. Ferguson, Stephen R. Decker, Rolf Prade
Production of microbial endo and exoglucanase enzymes within feedstock biomass to reduce the needs for external cellulases
Mei C. Mei, C. Ransom, R. Sabzikar, Y. Zhai, M. Sticklen
Production of a Phanerochaete chrysosporium ligninase enzyme within feedstock biomass might reduce the needs for expensive pretreatment processes
Mariam Sticklen, C. Mei, C. Ransom, R. Sabzikar, Y. Zhai
Cross-species amplification of microsatellite markers in switchgrass
Malay C. Saha, K. Chekhovskiy, B. Narasimhamoorthy, J. H. Bouton
Characterization of lignocellulosic O-acylation and deacetylation to facilitate cell wall biomass degradation
Chang-Jun Liu
Availability of sorghum near-isolines with reduced CAD and OMT activity
Jeffrey F. Pedersen, Deanna L. Funnell
Switchgrass EST-derived markers for breeding and crop improvement
Christian Tobias, G. Sarath, Paul Twigg, John Vogel, Olin Anderson
Cloning and characterization of a novel Ä12-fatty acid desaturase gene from Sapium sebiferum
Bei Niu, Ying Xu, Lin Tang, Fang Yan, Shen-hua Wang, Fang Chen
Application of fluorescence spectroscopy for biomass characterization
William F. Bauer, Gracy Elias
Reaching 25% renewable energy by 2025: Implications to the agricultural sector
Burton C. English, Daniel G. De La Torre Ugarte, Kim Jensen, Jamey Menard, Chad Hellwinckel
Evaluating the potential for the utilization of genetic modified straws for bio-ethanol production
Yan Liu, Wei Liao, Robert Zemetra, Thomas Keohler, Shulin Chen
Genetic enhancement of sorghum for biofuel production
Ana Saballos, Gebisa Ejeta, Wilfred Vermerris
In situ visualization of cellulases in maize mutants with enhanced biomass conversion properties
Wilfred Vermerris, Jianfei Zhao, Michael R. Ladisch, Nathan S. Mosier
Characterization of the cell-wall microfibril structure from native and pretreated biomass using atomic force microscopy
Shi-You Ding, Michael Selig, Tina Jeoh, David K. Johnson, Michael E. Himmel
Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) as a feedstock selection tool
Thomas H. Ulrich, Corey W. Radtke, Peter A. Pryfogle, Daniel M. Stevens, J. Richard Hess
Selection and field testing of new, high-yielding varieties of shrub willow for bioenergy, biofuels, and bioproducts
Lawrence B. Smart, Kimberly D. Cameron, Timothy A. Volk, Lawrence P. Abrahamson
Lactic acid production by lactobacillus rhamnosus using carob pulp
R. Yáńez, S. Marques, F.M. Gírio, J.C. Roseiro
Omega hydroxylation of oleic acid using Bacillus pumillus
Wei Yan, Zu-Fang Wu, Rakesh K. Bajpai
Bioreactors for molecular hydrogen production by purple nonsulfur bacterium
Sergei A. Markov
Metabolic shift analysis of the extreme thermophilic hydrogen producing Caldicellulosiruptor saccharolyticus
Karin Willquist, Serve Kengen, Fons Stams, Ed W. J Van Niel
Multiple-gene promoter- shuffling to optimize xylose fermentation in engineered Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Chenfeng Lu, Tom Jeffries
Rheological parameter determination for Zymomonas mobilis fermentation broths with high substrate loading
Byung-Hwan Um, Thomas R. Hanley
Aspergillus as a microbial cell factory for production of low- and high added value products
Gianni Panagiotou, Susan Meijer, Jens Nielsen, Lisbeth Olsson
Rapid isolation of the Trichoderma strains with higher degrading ability of filter paper from unsynchronized conidia after autopolyploidization
Hideo Toyama, Megumi Nakano, Yuuki Satake, Nobuo Toyama
Effect of different amounts of cellulase preparation on Kluyveromyces marxianus CECT 10875 growth and ethanol production
E. Tomás-Pejó, M.J. Negro, J.M. Oliva, M. Ballesteros
Fungal enzymes and microbial systems for ethanol production
T. de Villiers, W. H. van Zyl
Utilization of cellobiose by Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains harboring intracellular b-glucosidase and cellobiose phosphorylase
Christa Sadie, Rončl van Rooyen, Willem H van Zyl
The fungal path for D-galacturonic acid catabolism
Peter Richard, Satu Hilditch
Optimization of arabinose conversion in yeast strains
Beate Wiedemann, Eckhard Boles
Xylitol production from wheat straw hemicellulose: A complete assessment
Larissa Canilha, Walter Carvalho, Joăo Batista Almeida e Silva, Marco Giullietti
Fermentation of acid pretreated corn stover to ethanol without detoxification using Pichia stipitis
Frank Agbogbo, Frank Haagensen, Kevin Wenger
Lactic acid production from recycled paper sludge
S. Marques, J. A. L. Santos, F.M. Gírio, J.C. Roseiro
Mechanisms of in situ detoxification of furfural and HMF by ethanologenic yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Z. Lewis Liu, Brad J. Andersh, Patricia J. Slininger
Sequential hydrolysis and fermentation of apple pomace to lactic acid
B. Gullón, R. Yáńez, J.L. Alonso, J.C. Parajó
Influence of operational conditions for dibenzothiophene desulfurization by Gordonia sp. F.5.25.8
Mônica Yumi Menezes Sassaki, Claudia M. S. Ribeiro, Juliana Vaz Bevilaqua, Denise M. G. Freire
Optimisation of medium for fermentation of wheat straw at very high dry matter content
Henning Jřrgensen, Mai Řstergaard Petersen, Jan Larsen, Claus Felby
Tailoring a thermophilic bacterium for optimal bioethanol production from lignocellulosic biomass
Marie J. Mikkelsen, Birgitte K. Ahring
Fluorometric method for the quantitation of active yeast cells
Darby D. McLean, J.B. Somes, Tawnya St. Pierre, J. Fleming
Ethanol, stress and working with yeast
Grant A. Stanley, Meredith Chandler, Dragana Stanley, Idris Mohammed, Sarah Fraser, Peter Rogers, Paul J. Chambers
Comparing the fermentability of corn stover hydrolysate from Ammonia Fiber Expansion and Dilute Acid Pretreatment
Ming W. Lau, Venkatesh Balan, Bruce E. Dale
BSA treatment to improve batch and continuous enzymatic hydrolysis and simultaneous saccharification fermentation
Michael Studer, Bin Yang, Charles Wyman
Impact of culture nutrition on inhibitor tolerance and the conversion of high xylose concentrations to ethanol by Pichia stipitis NRRL Y-7124
Patricia J. Slininger, Z. Lewis Liu, Steven W. Gorsich
Development of cellulose and xylose utilizing Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains for consolidated bioprocessing
A. Kondo, H. Fukuda
Transcriptomic analysis of cellulose fermentation by Clostridium thermocellum
Babu Raman, Catherine K. McKeown, Steven D. Brown, Jonathan R. Mielenz
Stimulation of methanogenic consortia associated with shallow methane producing aquifers
Patrick C. Gilcrease, Keith C. Flanegan, Michael S. Green
Biotechnology needs for conversion of renewable oils and fats to higher value products
Abhijeet P. Borole
Carbohydrase expression during degradation of whole plant material by Saccharophagus degradans
Haitao Zhang, Ronald M. Weiner, Steven W. Hutcheson
Enhanced L(+)-Lactic acid production from corncob hydrolysate by an adapted strain of Rhizopus oryzae
Dong-Mei Bai, Shi-Zhong Li, Z. Lewis Liu, Zhan-Feng Cui
Metabolic engineering of Escherichia coli for L-valine production
Jin Hwan Park, Kwang Ho Lee, Tae Yong Kim, Hyohak Song, Sang Yup Lee
Construction of L-threonine producing strain based on in silico simulation and comparative transcriptome analysis
Kwang Ho Lee, Jin Hwan Park, Tae Yong Kim, Hyohak Song, Sang Yup Lee
Systems-level analysis of M. succiniciproducens MBEL55E by combined omics analyses
Seh Hee Jang, Hyohak Song, Jeong Wook Lee, Sang Yup Lee
Deciphering metabolic flux of Mannheimia succiniciproducens MBEL55E by genome-scale constraints-base flux analysis
Tae Yong Kim, Hyun Uk Kim, Jong Myeong Park, Hyohak Song, Sang Yup Lee
Proteomic analysis of softwood-degrading fungi towards biomimetic enzyme applications
Sonam Mahajan, Emma R. Master
Directed strain selection: Strategies for engineering productivity in E. coli
Tanya Warnecke, Michael D Lynch, Nicholas Sandoval, Ryan T. Gill
Bioethanol production from uncooked raw starch by surface-engineered yeast cells
Kuo-Wei Wu, Jyh-Ping Chen
Screening microorganisms to biodegrade different classes of textile dyes solution and reutilization of the wastewater
Ana M. Blosfeld, Ivonete O. Barcellos, Jurgen Andreaus, Joabe de L. Zortea, Carla Trentini
Succinic acid production from cheese whey using A. succinogenes 130 Z
Caixia Wan, Yebo Li, Abloghasem Shahbazi
Improved ethanologenic Corynebacterium glutamicum strains for fuel ethanol production from lignocellulosic biomass
Haruhiko Teramoto, Hideo Kawaguchi, Shohei Okino, Masayuki Inui, Hideaki Yukawa
A new nitrilase from Bradyrhizobium japonicum USDA 110: Gene cloning, biochemical characterization and substrate specificity
Ling Hua, Chandrani Mukherjee, Dunming Zhu, Beatriz, E. Rios, Edward, R. Biehl
Mixed sugars fermentation performances of an arabinose/xylose fermenting Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain expressing xylose isomerase
Maurizio Bettiga, Kaisa Karhumaa, Rosa Garcia-Sanchez, Bärbel Hahn-Hägerdal, Marie F. Gorwa-Grauslund
The effect of age, inoculum concentration and oxygenation on the production of biosurfactants and protein-related virulence factors by Pseudomonas aeruginosa PA1
Luiz Fernando D. Tavares, Ana Carolina L. B. Fernandes, Frederico A. Kronemberger Sr., Rodrigo S. Reis, Valéria F. Soares, Cristiano P. Borges, Lídia M. Santa Anna, Denise M. G. Freire
Solid-state fermentation of xylanase from Penicillium canescens 10-10c in a multi-packed-bed reactor
Antoine A. Assamoi, Jacqueline Destain, Frank Delvigne, Georges Lognay, Philippe Thonart
Removal of inhibitors from biomass sugars using a biological process
Nancy N. Nichols, C. Kevin Chambliss, Lekh Nath Sharma, G. Peter Van Walsum, Bruce S. Dien
Screening of microorganisms for limonene bioconversion
Ieda Rottava, Camila Grando, Altemir J. Mossi, Rogério L. Cansian, Octavio Augusto Ceva Antunes
Screening of Xanthomonas sp for production of xanthan gum
Ieda Rottava, Grasiela Batesini, Rogério L. Cansian, Octavio Augusto Ceva Antunes, Francine F. Padilha
Nano-porous latex coatings containing Rhodopseudomonas palustris pigment mutants spatially distributed for hydrogen production
Jimmy L. Gosse, Brian J. Engel, Federico E. Rey, Caroline S. Harwood, Michael C. Flickinger
The application of a redispersible latex blend for the analysis of the physiology of hydrogen producing Rhodopseudomonas palustris in 6.25 and 100 cm2 coatings
Jimmy L. Gosse, Brian J. Engel, Jeremy C. Hui, Federico E. Rey, Caroline S. Harwood, Michael C. Flickinger
Hyperthermophilic Geobacillus species from Yellowstone hot springs: Isolation and potential biotechnological applications
Phillip J. Brumm, Melodee Patterson, David A. Mead
Computational modeling and metabolic analysis of succinate production in engineered Escherichia coli
George Bennett, Ailen Sanchez, Henry Lin, Steven Cox, Sagit Shalel Levanon, Brad Peercy, Ka-Yiu San
Examination of adjacent gene orientation and multiple promoter use on transcript expression and enzymatic activities
Ju Yun Bae, José Laplaza, Thomas W. Jeffries
Loofa sponge as biosupport for cell immobilization in xylitol bioproduction
Tais C. Coelho, Boutros F. Sarrouh, Diego T dos Santos, Juan D. Rivaldi, Silvio S. Da Silva
Combined effect of acetic acid and pH on the cofermentation of glucose and xylose by recombinant yeast
Miroslav Sedlak, Haroon Mohammad, Nancy W. Y. Ho, Nathan S. Mosier
Enhance the production of ligninases using a pelletized Phanerochaete chrysosposium culture
Wei Liao, Yan Liu, Shulin Chen
Performance evaluation of selected ethanologens in dilute-acid pretreated corn stover hydrolysate
Kent W. Evans, Daniel J. Schell
Presence of extremophile bacteria for Meor in Mexican oil reservoirs
Ana Muńoz, Gladys Castorena, Teresa Roldan, Patricia Olguin, Simón López
Homo-ethanol fermentation by a non-recombinant Escherichia coli
Youngnyun Kim, L.O. Ingram, K.T. Shanmugam
Effect of furfural on the growth and cofermentation of glucose and xylose by recombinant yeast
Ryan Warner, Miroslav Sedlak, Nancy W. Y. Ho, Michael R. Ladisch, Nathan S. Mosier
The effects of wheat bran composition on the production of biomass-hydrolyzing enzymes by Penicillium decumbens
Xianyun Sun, Ziyong Liu, Yinbo Qu Sr., Xuezhi Li
Over-expression of bgl1 under the control of multiple copies promoter to improve cellulolytic activity of T. reesei
Tianhong Wang, Xiena Zhao, Ti Liu, Yinbo Qu
Factors influencing expression of the ligninolytic enzyme manganese peroxidase
Christine J. Kelly, Curtis A. Lajoie, Fei Jiang
Enhanced biomass-bioenergy conversion through enzyme engineering of thermoacidophiles
Blake A. Simmons, Rajat Sapra, Diana Roe, George Buffleben, Joanne Volponi, Jean-Loup Faulon
Synthesis of long isomaltooligosaccharides using sucrose
Xing-ji Jin, Eun-Ah Ko, Mi-Young Seo, Nahyun M. Kim, Doman Kim
Immobilization of fungal beta-glucosidase on silica gel and kaolin carriers
Hakob K. Karagulyan, Vardan K. Gasparyan, Stephen R. Decker
Peroxisome and peroxidase in biodegradation of hydrocarbons in yr-1 strain of Mucor circinelloides
Roberto Zazueta-Sandoval Sr., Hortencia Silva-Jiménez, Arelí Durón-Castellanos
Participation of cytochrome p450 in biodegradation of aliphatic hydrocarbons in Mucor circinelloides a potential biorremediator
Roberto Zazueta-Sandoval, V. Odemaris Vallejo-Tinoco, Arelí Durón-Castellanos, Hortencia Silva-Jiménez
A new approach to determine cellulose reactivity change with conversion for enzymatic hydrolysis of pretreated corn stover
Bin Yang, Qing Qing, Michael Studer, Charles Wyman
Transcription regulation of cellulase genes in Clostridium thermocellum
Michael Newcomb, J.H. David Wu
Temperature and pH stability of Trichoderma reesei RUT C30 cellulolytic complex
Ayla Santana Silva, Felipe Moura Knopp, Elba Bon
Optimal activities of lipase entrapped in sol–gel determined by the response surface methodology
Rubiani C. Pinheiro, Cleide M. F. Soares, Heizir F. de Castro, Onelia A. A. Santos, Flavio F. Moraes, Gisella M. Zanin
Biodiesel synthesis by enzymatic transesterification of palm oil and ethanol using lipases from several sources immobilized on silica-PVA composite
Ana Beatriz R. Moreira, Victor H. Perez, Gisella M. Zanin, Heizir F. de Castro
Screening of methods and supports to immobilize and stabilize Cyclomaltodextrin Glucanotransferase from Thermoanaerobacter
Ana Elisa Amud, Gercio Rodrigo Presa da Silva, Cleide M. F. Soares, Paulo Waldir Tardioli, Flávio Faria de Moraes, Gisella M. Zanin
ß-D-Xylosidase from Selenomonas ruminantium: thermodynamics of enzyme-catalyzed and noncatalyzed reactions
Douglas Jordan
b-D-Xylosidase from Selenomonas ruminantium: catalyzed reactions with natural and artificial substrates
Douglas Jordan
Evidence for the role of zinc as a cofactor for dbt desulfurization enzymes of gordonia alkanivorans strain 1b
L. Alves, J. Matos, R. Tenreiro, F.M. Gírio
Laccase production by basidiomycete strains on lignocellulosic agricultural wastes
Gomes, E. Gomes, Carvalho, C. Carvalho, R. Silva
Kinetic modeling of the hydrolysis of cheese whey proteins catalyzed by chymotrypsin immobilized on Agarose-glyoxyl gel particles
Gilson Alexandre Pinto, Célia Maria Araujo Galvăo, Rebeca Yndira Carrera Padilla, Raquel de Lima Camargo Giordano, Roberto de Campos Giordano
Improving hydrolysis of poorly pretreated biomass by rough mixing scaled to the laboratory
K.C. McFarland, Joel R. Cherry
Development of a thermostable pectin methylesterase
Chacko Chakiath, Robert Kozak, Craig S. Laufer
Multi-enzymatic conversion of sucrose into gluconic acid and fructose using a membrane reactor
Luiz Carlos Martins das Neves, Michele Vitolo
Cellulase production by fungi Aspergillus terreus using agricultural residues
Mallú S. L. Queiroz, Felipe M. Knopp, Leda M. Gottschalk, Elba P. S. Bon
Screening of cellulase- and hemicellulase- producing fungi for ethanol production from woody biomass
Shinichi Yano, Chiaki Kitao, Xu Fang, Hiroyuki Inoue, Shigeki Sawayama
Effect of supplemental hemicellulase on enzymatic hydrolysis and ethanol fermentation of softwood pretreated by ball milling
Hiroyuki Inoue, Shinichi Yano, Osam Takimura, Katsuji Murakami, Akinori Matsushika, Kenichiro Tsukahara, Shigeki Sawayama
Degradation of crude oil by Yarrowia lipolytica
Roberta R. Ribeiro, Cláudia V. Medeiros, Renata V. Nascimento, Luis M. B. Filipe, Priscilla F.F. Amaral, Joăo A.P. Coutinho, Maria Alice Z. Coelho
Enzymatic reaction in supercritical CO2: Effect of air partial pressure in phenol removal by tyrosinase
Priscilla F.F. Amaral, Daniela S. Garcia, Miguel T. Cardoso, Marisa F. Mendes, Maria Alice Z. Coelho, Fernando L.P. Pessoa
Laccase production by Trametes versicolor using sugarcane bagasse residue as carbon source
Priscilla F.F. Amaral, Mariana P. Vasquez, Maria Alice Z. Coelho, Nei Pereira Jr.
Use of amylases for filter-cake removal in completation operations
Etel Kameda, Marta A.P. Langone, Joăo C. Queiroz Neto, Maria Alice Z. Coelho
Protease production by different thermophilic fungi in solid state and submerged fermentation
Mariana M. Macchione, Carolina W. Merheb, Eleni Gomes, Roberto Da Silva
Effect of different nutrient sources on the enzyme production by thermophilic fungus Thermoascus aurantiacus cbmai 756
Denise S. Oliveira, Eleni Gomes, Celia M. L. Franco, Roberto Da Silva
Xylanase production by Bacillus circulans D1 using maltose as carbon source
Daniela A. Bocchini, Eleni Gomes, Roberto Da Silva
Monoglycerides and diglycerides synthesis in a solvent-free system by lipase-catalyzed glycerolysis
Patricia B. L. Fregolente, Leonardo V. Fregolente, Gláucia M. F. Pinto, César B. Batistella, Maria R. Wolf-Maciel, Rubens Maciel
Synthesis of fatty acid alkyl esters using a commercial immobilized lipase
Érika C.G. Aguieiras, Pollyanna T.C. Dias, Mônica A. P. Silva, Marta A.P. Langone
Lipase production in solid state fermentation monitoring biomass growth of Aspergillus niger using digital image processing
Júlio C.V. Dutra, Selma da C. Terzi, Juliana Vaz Bevilaqua, Mônica C.T. Damaso, Sônia Couri, Marta A.P. Langone, Lilian F. Senna
A sure deductive method to improve the thermostability and activity of an enzyme
Zhizhuang Xiao, Hélčne Bergeron, Stephan Grosse, Peter C. K. Lau
Genome mining for pectinase-encoding sequences from Streptomyces coelicolor A3(2) and Xanthomonas campestris ATCC 33913
Zhizhuang Xiao, Jason Boyd, Stephan Grosse, Elizabeth Coupe, Peter C. K. Lau
Highly activite and soluble enzymes for derivatization of lead molecules in organic media
Abhijeet P. Borole, Brian H. Davison
Biosurfactant production by bacterium strain isolated from petroleum contaminated soil
Marcio A. Zago, Anderson Phillipy, Cleide M. F. Soares, Sara Cuadros Orellana, Alvaro S. Lima
Sequential production of amylolytic and lipolytic enzymes by bacteria isolated from petroleum contaminated soil
Nayara Bezerra Carvalho, Ranyere Lucena de Souza, Heizir F. de Castro, Gisella M. Zanin, Álvaro Silva Lima, Cleide M. F. Soares
Regulation of hydrogenase gene expression in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
Xiaoqing Sun, Susan Pribyl, Nancy Haas, Paul Lefebvre, Carolyn Silflow
A high-throughput assay to measure cellulase binding and synergism in ternary mixtures
Navaneetha Santhanam, Larry P. Walker
Synthesis and characterization of acarbose glycosides using levansucrase from Leuconostoc mesenteroides
Young-Hwan Moon, Seung-Hee Nam, Doman Kim
Bleach boosting effects of microbial xylanases on organosolv sugarcane straw pulp
Regina Yanako Moriya, Adilson Roberto Gonçalves, Adriane Milagres
Development of a nanoparticle based nanosome to enhance enzyme proximity synergy between β-glucosidase and cellobiohydrolase
Shishir P.S. Chundawat, Devesh Srivastava, Ilsoon Lee, Bruce E. Dale
Hydrolysis of ammonia pretreated sugar cane bagasse with cellulase, ß-glucosidase and hemicellulase preparations
Bernard A. Prior, Donal F. Day
Endogenous cellobiase activity in maize kernels is potentially a useful adjuvant to heterologously-expressed cellulases
John O. Baker, Eric P. Knoshaug, Tina Jeoh, William Michener, William S. Adney, Michael E. Himmel
The characterization of a beta-xylosidase (xlnD) from A. niger with respect to the enzymatic saccharification of lignocellulosic biomass
Michael J. Selig, Eric P. Knoshaug, William S. Adney, Stephen R. Decker
Screening of organic solvents and lipases for enzymatic resolution of glycerol and methyl benzoate
Juliana Faccin De Conto, Patrícia Costa, Débora Oliveira, Geciane Toniazzo, Lindomar Alberto Lerin, Octavio Augusto Ceva Antunes
Characterization of different enzyme cocktails secreted by Trichoderma reesei using 2D-electrophoresis
Antoine Margeot, Rezak Boubrit, Isabelle Herpoël-Gimbert, Hugues Mathis, Nicolas Lopes Ferreira, Alain Dolla, Marcel Asther, Senta Blanquet, Frederic Monot
Thermodynamic measurements and data for bioprocess engineering and for the production of biofuels
Robert N. Goldberg, Yadu B. Tewari
Cloning, expression and characterization of a glycoside hydrolase family 39 xylosidase from Bacillus halodurans C-125
Kurt Wagschal, Diana Franqui-Espiet, Charles C. Lee, George H. Robertson, Dominic W.S. Wong
Development of a chimeric glycosyl hydrolase for conversion of biomass for production of biofuels and bioproducts
Kurt Wagschal, Charles C. Lee, George H. Robertson, Dominic W.S. Wong, Ling Yuan
Characteristics of two ferulic acid esterases from Penicillium funiculosum
Eric P. Knoshaug, Michael J. Selig, Stephen R. Decker, Michael E. Himmel, William S. Adney
Extraction of lipases from wheat germ: Optimation by statistical methods
Morgana Karin Pierozan Maloz, Octavio Augusto Ceva Antunes, Débora Oliveira, Rogério Luis Cansian
Lab scale studies of cell-free ethanol production
Eric J. Allain
Enzymatic hydrolysis of a variety of bermudagrass (Tifton 85) with improved biodegradability for ethanol production
Eduardo A. Ximenes, Sarah K. Brandon, Joy Doran-Peterson
Application of mixed gel in the immobilization of fumarase-producing microorganisms
Yonghong Hu, Wenge Yang, Chunxiao Chen
Substrate specificity of an endo-β-1,4-xylanase with the ability to boost the enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulose in lignocellulosics
Alex Berlin, Jack Saddler
Penicillium simplicissimum: morphology and lipase production in solid-state fermentation and in submerged fermentation
Melissa L. E. Gutarra, Mateus G. Godoy, Iamę A. Guedes, Ulysses Lins, Leda R. Castilho, Denise M. G. Freire, Jaqueline Do Nascimento Silva
Immobilization of the highly active Yarrowia lipolytica lipase – a comparison of physical adsorption and covalent attachment techniques
Aline G. Cunha, Gloria Fernández-Lorente, Mireille A. W. Alloue, Juliana V. Bevilaqua, Jacqueline Destain, Lucia M. C. Paiva, Denise M. G. Freire, Roberto Fernández-Lafuente, Jose M. Guisán
Screening and optimization of medium composition for alkaline protease production by Bacillus sp. RKY3 through statistical approaches
Lebaka Veeranjaneya Reddy, Young-Jung Wee, Hwa-Won Ryu
Immobilization of Candida antarctica lipase B by adsorption on green coconut fiber
Ana Iraidy Santa Brigida, Álvaro Daniel Teles Pinheiro, Andrea Lopes de Oliveira Ferreira, Luciana R. B. Goncalves
Novel approach for conversion of xylose to ethanol
Kripa Rao, Silpa Chelikani, Patricia Relue, Sasidhar Varanasi
Auxiliary enzymes for hydrolysis of cellulose and hemicellulose from liquid hot water pretreated distillers grains
Richard Hendrickson, Bruce S. Dien, Nathan S. Mosier, Michael A. Cotta, Michael R. Ladisch
Recycling free cellulases during the hydrolysis of lignocellulosic substrates
Maobing Tu, Richard Chandra, Jack Saddler
Ethanol analysis with different integrated biosensors systems
Eliana, M. Alhadeff, Andrea Medeiros Salgado, Oriol Cós, Pereira Jr. Nei, Francisco Valero, Valdman Belkis
Production of cyclodextrin from two cyclomaltodextrin glucanotransferase (CGTase) in the hydrolysis of different substrates
Heloiza F. Alves-Prado, Andreia A. J. Carneiro, Eleni Gomes, Roberto DaSilva
Effect of nonionic surfactants and noncatalytic protein on the enzymatic hydrolysis of saline creeping wild rye grass
Yi Zheng, Zhongli Pan, Ruihong Zhang, Donghai Wang, John Labavitch, Bryan Jenkins
Development and design of enzyme cocktails for extraction of xylose and arabinose from lignocellulosic substrates
Frank Haagensen, Don Higgins, Kevin S. Wenger
Enzymatic Synthesis of Methanol from CO2 with in situ Cofactor Regeneration
Ping Wang, B. El-Zahab, F. Suhan Baskaya
Effects of the molecular weight on the morphology of micron-sized dextran particles prepared using the supercritical anti-solvent process
Seon-Gyun Rho, Sung-Yong Cho, Seung-Jai Kim, Jae-Soon Shin, Choon-Hyoung Kang
Novel strategy for the production of a generic fermentation feedstock based on particulate bioprocessing
Carolina Botella, Ruohang Wang, Apostolis Koutinas, Colin Webb
Comparison of crop and animal simulation options to model an integrated biorefinery using AFEX
Elizabeth D. Newton, Seungdo Kim, Bryan D. Bals, Mark Laser, Bruce E. Dale, Lee R. Lynd
Ethanol organosolv process: A biorefining platform for production of fuel ethanol, chemicals and materials from lignocellulosics
Xuejun Pan, Jack N. Saddler
Conversion of corn fiber to value-added specialty chemicals
Susanne Kleff, Farzaneh Teymouri, Michael Guettler, Robert Hanchar, Chris Saffron
Biomass and chemical production using Tagasaste and Leucaena species
M.M. García, Farińas S., Caparros S., Yáńez R., López F.
Reaction kinetics of lignin liquefaction
Bo Zhang, Marc Von Keitz, Kenneth Valentas
Thermochemical liquefaction of corn components: Heat transfer, process and mechanism
Bo Zhang, Marc von Keitz, Kenneth Valentas
Evaluation of recycled paper sludge hydrolyzate as a potential nutrient source for dibenzothiophene desulfurization by Gordonia alkanivorans strain 1b
L. Alves, S. Marques, J. Matos, R. Tenreiro, F.M. Gírio
Bioconversion of wheat straw to butanol (a superior liquid fuel): Simultaneous saccharification, fermentation, and product recovery
Nasib Qureshi, Badal C. Saha, Michael A. Cotta
Biological conversion of hemicelluloses extracted from hardwood: Enabling co-production of ethanol and pulp in an integrated forest bio-refinery
Sara L. Walton, Adriaan R. van Heiningen
Thermochemical options for biofuels production
David C. Dayton, Thomas Foust, Calvin Feik, Kimberly Magrini, John Jechura, Stefan Czernik, Steve Deutch, Daniel Carpenter, Raymond Hansen, Richard French, Steven Phillips, Richard Bain, Andy Aden
On the way to biorefinery concept: double revaluation of agrifood wastes for high added value compounds extraction and bioethanol production
Maite Zazpe, Irantzu Alegría, Inés del Campo, Belén Zarranz, Amaia Molinero, Pedro Navarro, Ana Romo, Inés Echeverría
30 X 30: A scenario for supplying 30 percent of 2004 motor gasoline with ethanol by 2030
Thomas Foust, Robert Wooley, Mike Himmel, John Jechura, Kelly Ibsen, Dave Dayton, John Ashworth, John Sheehan, Robert Wallace, Robert McCormick, Debbie Sandor, Margo Mielendez, Billie Christen, Robert D. Perlack, J. Richard Hess, Michael Wang, Seth Synder, Jonathan R. Mielenz, Kevin L. Kenney, Todd Werpy, Corey Radtke
Hydrodynamic characterization of a column type prototype bioreactor
Melvin García-Nazariega, Teodoro Espinosa-Solares, Marcos Morales-Contreras, Fabián Robles-Martínez, Consuelo Lobato-Calleros
The potential contribution of the Portuguese forestry sector to biofuel production
Maria José Costa-Ferreira, Joăo Matos de Sousa
Sugar-beet : A source of bio fuel and chemicals
Jacqueline Destain, Cédric Gigot, Marie-Laure Fauconnier, Marc Ongena, Michel Marlier, Philippe Thonart, Michel Paquot
Complex, connected biorefinery, bioenergy and bioremediation systems for the effective utilization of crops in southern hungary
Nóra Szijártó, Norbert Somogyi, István Kiss, Gábor Nagy, Csaba Vágvölgyi, Erzsébet Mihalik, Kati Réczey
Analysis and identification of gaps in fundamental research for the production of second generation liquid transportation biofuels
Larry Russo, Michael R. Ladisch
Fossil energy balance of corn to ethanol using natural gas and biomass as the fuel at a dry mill
Anthony Turhollow, Sudhagar Mani, Shahab Sokhansanj
Comparison of biorefineries based on the biochemical and thermochemical platforms
Mark M. Wright, Robert C. Brown

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