Tuesday, April 20, 2010: 6:00 PM-9:00 PM
LL Conference Facility (Hilton Clearwater Beach)
Session Poster Session 2: Poster Session Two
Chair:Qingzhao Wang
Co-chair:Laurence Eaton
Ionic liquid pretreatment of switchgrass for enhanced sustainable biogas and electricity generation
Chenlin Li, Hongqiang Hu, Hong Liu, Kenneth P. Vogel, Blake Simmons, Seema Singh
Lignin degradation in biomass hydrolyzates: Economical analytical methods
Brian L. Cooper
Integrated biorefineries: Isolation and characterization of lignin from ionic liquid pretreated biomass for the production of value added lignin by-products
Thehazhnan (Thihal) K. Ponnaiyan, Akinwale A. Shittu, Sasidhar Varanasi
Lewis acid pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis of corn stover
John C. Degenstein, Yun Ji, Melvin Tucker
High-solids biphasic CO2-H2O pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass
Jeremy S. Luterbacher, Jefferson W. Tester, Larry P. Walker
Cellulose solvent-based biomass saccharification: Phosphoric acid versus ionic liquid
Noppadon Sathitsuksanoh, Zhiguang Zhu, Xinhao Ye, Y.-H. Percival Zhang
Further research on hot water flowthrough pretreatment
Bin Yang, Xiao Zhang, Birgitte K Ahring
Chemical characterization of poplar after hot water pretreatment
Yunqiao Pu, Shilin Cao, Michael Studer, Charles Wyman, Arthur Ragauskas
Analysis of sugarcane bagasse and coffee cut-stem as raw materials for fuel ethanol production
Julian Quintero, Carlos A. Cardona, Cristian Triana
Evaluation of pretreatment techniques for the production of biogas and bioethanol from cellulosic biomasses
Majid Haddad Momeni, Jerry Stahlberg, Debebe Derere, Mats Sandgren, Anna Schnürer, Volkmar Passoth, Henrik Hansson
Exploring novel biological pretreatment mechanisms for lignocellulosic biomass conversion
Shulin Chen, Jianzhong Sun
The effects of solvent on glucose conversion to hydromethylfurfural
Yu Cao, Dajiang Liu, Mark R. Nimlos, Xianghong Qian
Ethanol production from SPORL-pretreated lodgepole pine: Mass balance and process energy efficiency
J. Y. Zhu, Wenyuan Zhu, Bruce S. Dien, Pat OBryan, Shen Tian, Roland Gleisner, Xuejun Pan
Fractionation of corn fiber by soaking in aqueous ammonia (SAA) pretreatment followed by hydrolysis using commercial enzymes
Justin Montanti, Nhuan P. Nghiem, David B. Johnston, Terry Walker
CaCCO process: A novel carbohydrate platform for bioconversion of herbaceous lignocellulosic biomass
Ken Tokuyasu, Riki Shiroma, Muhammad Imran Al-Haq, Jeung-yil Park
Development of an improved analytical system to characterize DP distribution of oligosaccharides produced by biomass pretreatment
Hongjia Li, Qing Qing, Charles E. Wyman
Design and use of a fixed bed flowthrough reactor for pretreatment of poplar and birchwood xylan
Heather L. McKenzie, Charles E. Wyman
Cellulolytic enzymes production by submerged culture using pre-treated lignocellulosic agro-industrial residues as substrate
Rodrigo C. Guedes, Ribeiro Jab, Silva Nmp, Santos ES, Macedo GR
Inhibition of cellulose hydrolysis by xylooligomers of different chain length: Data and kinetics
Qing Qing, Charles E. Wyman
The characterization and possible role of lignin from steam and organosolv pretreated substrates on enzymatic hydrolysis
Seiji Nakagame, Richard P. Chandra, John F. Kadla, Jack N. Saddler
Influencing factors in alkali/ionic liquid pretreatment for the enzymatic hydrolysis of corn stover
Xinglian Geng, Brandon Jones, Wesley A. Henderson
Cellulosic biofuels research at Los Alamos National Laboratory
Paul Langan, A. Bradbury, T. Dale, Z. Fisher, D. Fox, S. Gnanakaran, P. Goodwin, A. Kovalevsky, M. Lucas, M. Mustyakimov, N. Pawley, K. Rector, T. Shen, P. Unkefer, G. Wagner, M. Waltman, D. Dunnaway-Mariano, P. Mariano, A. Pimentel, C. Cho, K. Hammel, S. Shary, D. Wei, A. Kapich, Y. Nishiyama, H. Chanzy, L. Heux, M. Wada, L. Hanson, C. Schall
Swelling of poplar wood during ionic liquid pretreatment at room temperature
Marcel Lucas, Gregory L. Wagner, Paul Langan, Kirk D. Rector
A mechanistically based approach for modeling high-solids pretreatment processes
Andrew J. Griggs, Melvin P. Tucker, Erik Kuhn, Xiaowen Chen
Ionic liquid pretreatment of poplar wood at room temperature: Swelling and incorporation of gold particles
Marcel Lucas, Gregory L. Wagner, Paul Langan, Kirk D. Rector
High severity pretreatment methods to improve fuel yields
Deepti Tanjore, Jiacheng Shen, Jian Shi, Charles E. Wyman
Development of alternative methods for determining acid soluble lignin in hydrolysates after dilute sulfuric acid pretreatment
Rui Katahira, Ed Wolfrum, Daniel J. Schell, Mark F. Davis
Development of a method for isolation and identification of xylodisaccharides
Heidi M. Pilath, William E. Michener, David K. Johnson, Mark R. Nimlos, Michael E. Himmel
Label-free mapping of lignin and cellulose in lignin-down-regulated alfalfa cell walls with coherent Raman microscopy
Yining Zeng, Brian G. Saar, Fang Chen, Yu-San Liu, Richard A. Dixon, Michael E. Himmel, X. Sunney Xie, Shi-You Ding
Continuous operation of a horizontal screw pretreatment reactor coupled with a xylo-oligomer conversion step to achieve high yields of monomeric xylose
Nicholas J. Nagle, Erik M. Kuhn, David A. Sievers, Noah D. Weiss, Melvin P. Tucker, Xiaowen Chen, Richard T. Elander
Optimization of microwave assisted lime pretreatment of sweet sorghum bagasse for enzymatic saccharification
Ruplal Choudhary, A.H.L. Umagiliyage, Y. Liang, J. Haddock
Hemicellulose sugars extraction from coffee silverskin
Livia M. Carneiro, Solange I. Mussatto, João Paulo A. Silva, Inês C. Roberto, José A. Teixeira
Comparative study of the effect of switchgrass feedstock variability on enzymatic digestibility before and after pretreatments studied by CAFI
Nathan S. Mosier, Youngmi Kim, Michael R. Ladisch, Mark T. Holtzapple, Bruce E. Dale, Y. Y. Lee, Charles E. Wyman
Alkaline hemicellulose extraction and solubility-based separation from hardwoods
Ryan Stoklosa, David Hodge
Recrystallization studies of cellulose treated with ionic liquid
Indira P. Samayam, Leif Hanson, Scott Lee, Constance A. Schall
Simulation of 1st and 2nd generation bioethanol production from sugarcane: Comparison between different biomass pretreatment methods
Marina O.S. Dias, Rubens Maciel Filho, Antonio Bonomi, Charles D.F. Jesus, Carlos E.V. Rossell
Ethanol production from mixture of softwood prehydrolysates and pulp mill sludges
Li Kang, Sunghoon Yoon, Krishnagopalan A. Gopal, Y.Y Lee
Thermochemical hydrolysis of xylo-oligosaccharides produced from high-solids, corn stover pretreatment in a continuous reactor
Erik M. Kuhn, Xiaowen Chen, Joe Shekiro, Nick Nagle, Melvin Tucker, Stephen R. Decker, Richard T. Elander
Improvement of enzymatic hydrolysis for hydrothermally-treated switchgrass using mixed enzymes
Urvi D. Kothari, Sandeep Kumar, Ram B. Gupta, Y.Y. Lee
Solvent systems for stable decrystallization of cellulose
B.J. Watson, R.M. Briber, S.W. Hutcheson
Surface and ultrastructural characterization of raw and pretreated switchgrass from various leading pretreatment technologies
Bryon S. Donohoe, Todd B. Vinzant, Richard T. Elander, Venkata Ramesh Pallapolu, Y.Y. Lee, Rebecca Garlock, Venkatesh Balan, Bruce E. Dale, Youngmi Kim, Nathan S. Mosier, Michael R. Ladisch, Matthew Falls, Rocio Sierra, Mark T. Holtzapple, Jian Shi, Mirvat A. Ebrik, Tim Redmond, Bin Yang, Charles E. Wyman, Bonnie R. Hames, Steven R. Thomas, Ryan E. Warner
Production of biobutanol from hydrolysate of red algae (Gelidium amansii) treated with acid saccharification
Tae Su Jeong, Won Il Choi, Jieun Lee, Kyeong Keun Oh
Yield uncertainty for the primary unit operations in the biochemical conversion of lignocellulosic biomass from uncertainty in feedstock composition and process variables
Kristin J. Vicari, Christopher J. Scarlata, Sandeep S. Tallam, Tatyana Shatova, Kang Joo Koh, Gregg T. Beckham, Daniel J. Schell, Edward J. Wolfrum
Minimizing the contribution of sampling uncertainty to fraction insoluble solids measurements during lignocellulosic biomass processing
Christopher J. Scarlata, Kristin J. Vicari, Agustin Lopez, Kittipong Saetia, Kang Joo Koh, Gregg T. Beckham, Justin Sluiter, David A. Sievers, Edward J. Wolfrum, Daniel J. Schell
Delignification of wheat straw by combined autohydrolysis and organosolv process
Héctor A. Ruiz, Daniel P. Silva, Denise S. Ruzene, M.A. Quintas, António A. Vicente, José A. Teixeira
Estimation of the effect of enzyme costs on enzyme loadings and sugar yields that maximum profitability of ethanol production
Jiacheng Shen, Vu Nguyen, Charles E. Wyman
Experimental validation of biomass modeled as spheres during dilute sulfuric acid impregnation and pretreatment
Clare J. Dibble, Erik M. Kuhn, Xiaowen Chen, Todd B. Vinzant, Melvin P. Tucker
Optimisation of lignocellulose dissolution in ionic liquids as a pretreatment strategy for ethanol production
Sergios Karatzos, Les Edye, William Doherty
Bioconversion of rice hulls to ethanol with SAA pretreatment and immobilized cellulase in calcium alginate
Edita Martini, Dian Andriani, Kyeong Eop Kang, Yun-A Kim, GobiKrishnan Sriramulu, Don-Hee Park, Jong-Seong Kim
Pretreatment of herbaceous plants by sodium carbonate
Urvi D. Kothari, Y.Y Lee
Application of Chemspeed AUTOPLANT® to ammonia fiber expansion (AFEX) pretreatment using nitrogen overpressure and aqueous ammonia mixtures
Derek Marshall, Leonardo Sousa, Venkatesh Balan, Bruce Dale
Interactions of cellulase and non-cellulase enzymes with ideal substrates and switchgrass processed by leading pretreatment technologies
Jian Shi, Mirvat A. Ebrik, Tim Redmond, Bin Yang, Charles E. Wyman, Rebecca Garlock, Venkatesh Balan, Bruce E. Dale, Venkata Ramesh Pallapolu, Y.Y. Lee, Youngmi Kim, Nathan S. Mosier, Michael R. Ladisch, Mark T. Holtzapple, Matthew Falls, Rocio Sierra, Bryon S. Donohoe, Todd B. Vinzant, Richard T. Elander, Bonnie R. Hames, Steven R. Thomas, Ryan E. Warner
Biomass pretreatment liquor composition method variability
Justin B. Sluiter, David W. Templeton, Christopher J. Scarlata, Edward J. Wolfrum
Characterization of torrefaction products from synthetic municipal solid waste and other biomass
Dana L. Arter, Chaowei Yu, Robert B. Williams, Safyre Anderson, Bryan M. Jenkins, Peter Thy
Ionic liquid pretreatment of biomass: Dynamic studies with light scattering, GC/MS and FTIR
Patanjali Varanasi, Manfred Auer, Paul D. Adams, Blake Simmons, Seema Singh
Comparative material balances around leading pretreatment technologies for the conversion of switchgrass to soluble sugars
Rebecca Garlock, Venkatesh Balan, Bruce E. Dale, Venkata Ramesh Pallapolu, Y.Y. Lee, Youngmi Kim, Nathan S. Mosier, Michael R. Ladisch, Mark T. Holtzapple, Matthew Falls, Rocio Sierra, Jian Shi, Mirvat A. Ebrik, Tim Redmond, Bin Yang, Charles E. Wyman, Bryon S. Donohoe, Todd B. Vinzant, Richard T. Elander, Bonnie Hames, Steve Thomas, Ryan E. Warner
Application of cellulolytic biofilms: The effect of cell surface hydrophobicity
Vladimir Jirku, Jitka Hrdinova, Lucie Kriklavova, Gita Prochazkova, Tereza Krulikovska, Alena Cejkova, Jan Masak
Combined production of bioethanol and biogas from wheat straw using weak organic acid hydrolysis pretreatment
Elisabeth Joelsson, Ola Wallberg, Mats Galbe, Guido Zacchi
Furfural/HMF oriented fractionation process for underutilized forest biomass
Maobing Tu
Simultaneous saccharification and fermentation of steam-pretreated sugarcane bagasse using SO2 and CO2 as acid catalysts
Stefano Macrelli, Mats Galbe, Guido Zacchi
Characterization of xylose oligomers from birchwood xylan during pretreatment
Ching-Shuan Lau, Kris Bunnell, Edgar C. Clausen, Greg Thoma, Jackson O. Lay, Jennifer Gidden, Danielle Julie Carrier
Effects of liquid-ammonia treatment on crystalline cellulose: Changes in crystallinity index and enzymatic digestibility
Ashutosh Mittal, Rui Katahira, Michael E. Himmel, David K. Johnson
Pretreatment of energy sugarcane for bioethanol production
Ramaraj Boopathy, Sara Shields
Ball milling and wet disk milling pretreatments of sugarcane bagasse and straw for enzymatic hydrolysis and ethanol fermentation
Ayla Santana Silva, Hiroyuki Inoue, Shinichi Yano, Elba P. S. Bon
Coupling of torrefaction and grinding as biomass pretreatment for ethanol production
Silvana Tedeschi, Francesco Zimbardi, Giacobbe Braccio, David Chiaramonti, Andrea Maria Rizzo
The effect of the ionic liquid anion in pretreatment of pine wood chips
Agnieszka Brandt, Jason P. Hallett, David J. Leak, Richard J. Murphy, Tom Welton
Sodium hydroxide pretreatment of rice straw in a 150-L rotating drum reactor
Christopher M. Lee, Katrina Roberts, Yu-Shen Cheng, Tina Jeoh, Jean S. VanderGheynst
Conversion of lignocellulosic materials to bioethanol at high dry-matter contents for increased ethanol concentration
Mats Galbe, Christian Roslander, Ola Wallberg
Biochemical conversion of reduced lignin alfalfa stems into ethanol
Bruce S. Dien, David J. Miller, Patricia J. O'Bryan, Ronald E. Hector, Richard A. Dixon, Fang Chen, Mark McCaslin, Peter Reisen
Simultaneous saccharification and fermentation of steam-pretreated sugarcane bagasse using a xylose-fermenting yeast
Krisztina Kovacs, Eva Dinh, Benny Palmkvist, Mats Galbe, Guido Zacchi
Consolidated bioprocessing (CBP) of AFEX treated corn stover by Clostridium phytofermentans
Mingjie Jin, Venkatesh Balan, Ming W. Lau, Bruce E. Dale
Characterization of AFEX degradation products as a function of pretreatment severity
Leonardo Sousa, Shishir Chundawat, Ramin Vismeh, James F. Humpula, A. Daniel Jones, Bruce Dale, Venkatesh Balan
Alkali pretreatment of rapeseed straw for ethanol production
Ho-Yong Kim, Han-Seob Jeong, In Yang, Sye Hee Ahn, In-Gyu Choi
Effect of successive biological, physical and organosolv pretreatments of Liriodendron tulipifera for bioethanol production
Ki-Seob Gwak, Nahyun Park, Hwanmyeong Yeo, Joon-Weon Choi, In-Gyu Choi
Enzymatic saccharification of rice straw pretreated using TiO2/UV for bioconversion to ethanol
Hee-Kyoung Kang, Nahyun M. Kim, Ghahyun Kim, Hyun-Jung Kim, Donal F. Day, Jongho Kim, Doman Kim
Tributyl methyl phosphonium methyl sulphate dissolution of hemicelluloses from bagasse
Sai Keskar, Les Edye, William Doherty
Optimization of bioethanol production from NaOH-pretreated barley straw using response surface methodology
Gi-Wook Choi
Investigation of a novel pretreatment to realize both high hemicellulose sugar recovery and more digestible cellulose
Xiadi Gao, Charles E. Wyman
Robustness of pretreatment methods towards feedstock variability: Wheat straw as a case study
Henning Jørgensen, Jane Lindedam, Richard Chandra, Jack N. Saddler
Pretreatment of Miscanthus using acid and aqueous ammonia process/percolation
Yong Cheol Park, Ji Ho Seo, Jin-Woo Kim, Kyeong Keun Oh, Jun Seok Kim
Fibre cutting in the enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulosic biomass
Xinping Li, Kecheng Li, J. Dennis Fougere, Kimberley Clarke
Cytotoxicity Effect of Switchgrass Pretreatment Extract (Prehydrolysate) on HeLa cells During Cellulosic Ethanol Production
Angele Djioleu, Elizabeth M. Martin, Danielle J. Carrier
Pretreatment of sugarcane bagasse applying the advanced oxidation process by ionizing radiation
Celina L. Duarte, Manoel N. Mori, Marcia A. Ribeiro, J. Finguerut, Celia M. A. Galvao
Hot water and hot dilute acid pretreatment from the understory Populus sp
Kris Bunnell, Elizabeth M. Martin, Chuan Lau, Matthew Pelkki, David W. Patterson, Edgar C. Clausen, Danielle J. Carrier
Evaluation of pine biomass varieties for bioethanol production
Sunkyu Park, Ved P. Naithani, Hasan Jameel, Ross Whetten, Fikrek Isik, Ewellyn Capanema
Alkaline pretreatment of grape pomace for enhancing its biogas energy yield
Xiguang Chen, Ruihong Zhang, Yi Zheng, Evan Hughes, Sharon Shoemaker
Reduction of enzyme dosage for enzymatic hydrolysis by the mechanical refining and oxygen bleaching post-treatments
Bonwook Koo, Hasan Jameel, Richard Phillips, Hou-min Chang, Sunkyu Park
A novel fractionation method of corn stover into cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin using zinc chloride and ammonium hydroxide
Chang Guen Yoo, Tae Hyun Kim, Monlin Kuo
Dilute acid and hot water pretreatment of wheat straw using a solvent extractor
Bo Zhang, Abloghasem Shahbazi, Lijun Wang, Oumou Diallo, Allante Whitmore
Leaching pretreatments to improve biomass feedstock quality and resource recovery
Chaowei Yu, Bryan Jenkins, Peter Thy, Li Wang, Ashwini Bhat, Safyre Anderson, Yi Zheng, Jean VanderGheynst, Ruihong Zhang, Tina Jeoh, Charles Lesher, Stephen Kaffka
Liquid hot water pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis of sunflower stalks
Manuel J. Díaz, Cristóbal Cara, Encarnación Ruiz, Inmaculada Romero, Manuel Moya, Eulogio Castro
Dilute acid pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis of rapeseed straw
Manuel J. Díaz, Cristóbal Cara, Inmaculada Romero, Encarnación Ruiz, Manuel Moya, Eulogio Castro
Conversion of lignocellulose into fermentable sugars by DSM enzyme system
Panagiotis Sarantinopoulos, Wim de Laat, Margot Schooneveld, Piet van Egmond, Manoj Kumar, Hein Stam
Multipoint covalent immobilization of lipase on chitosan hybrid hydrogels: Influence of polyelectrolyte complex type and chemical modification on catalytic properties of the biocatalysts
Adriano Aguiar Mendes, Paulo Waldir Tardioli, Enrique Jose Mammarella, Dasciana S. Rodrigues, Roberto C. Giordano, Heizir F. de Castro, Raquel L. C. Giordano
Biorefining of wood: Combined production of ethanol and xylanase from waste fiber sludge
Adnan Cavka, Björn Alriksson, Shaunita H. Rose, Willem H. van Zyl, Leif J. Jönsson
Application of immobilized xylanase on hydrolysis of soluble wood hemicelluloses after using microwave and organosolv pre-treatments
Anny Manrich, Doris Schieder, Raquel Lima Camargo Giordano, Martin Faulstich
Rate-limiting factors in high solid enzymatic hydrolysis: A calorimetric approach
Søren N. Olsen, Kim Borch, Peter Westh
Enzymatic prevention of calcium oxalate scaling: Effects of anionic and cationic substances on oxalate oxidase
Sandra Winestrand, Simona Larsson, Pierre Cassland, Nils-Olof Nilvebrant, Leif J. Jönsson
Ethanol production from agricultural residues using integrated enzyme production and microbial fermentation system
Kelly C. Williams, Ruihong Zhang, Tina Jeoh
Inhibition of cellulolytic enzymes due to products of hemicellulose hydrolysis
Eduardo Ximenes, Youngmi Kim, Siqueira Felix, Nathan S. Mosier, Michael R. Ladisch
Bioconversion of knot rejects from a sulphite pulp mill to ethanol
Xiao Zhang, Maobing Tu, Mike Paice, Zhihua Jiang
Understanding possible causes of slow hydrolysis rate through a restart approach
Jian Shi, Mirvat A. Ebrik, Charles E. Wyman
Method to obtain biomass hydrolyzate with high glucose concentration via enzymatic saccharification of cellulosic biomass
Makoto Ikeo, Daisuke Taneda, Yoshiki Ueno
A thermodynamic approach to lignocellulosic biofuel technology development strategies
Katharine J. Challis, Michael W. Jack
Inducible cell wall degrading enzymes for expression in energy crops
Philip A. Lessard
Enzymatic conversion of cellulosic substrates in the process of surface active additives, laccase and protease inhibitors
Félix G. Siqueira, Eduardo A. Ximenes, Youngmi Kim, Edivaldo X. Ferreira-Filho, Nathan S. Mosier, Michael R. Ladisch
Application of cellulase from solid state fermentation in sugar cane bagasse pretreated by ionizing radiation or steam explosion
Beatriz V. Kilikian, Larissa C. Afonso, Caio A. Ribeiro, Márcia A. Ribeiro, Celina L. Duarte
Synergistic action of Trichoderma reesei and Penicillium viridicatum’s enzymatic extracts on sugarcane bagasse for glucose production
Rodolfo Travaini, M. Boscolo, E. Gomes, R. Da-Silva
Enzymatic liquefaction of household waste
Jacob W. Jensen, Claus Felby, Henning Jørgensen
Optimization of lipase production by Penicillium simplicissimum in castor bean waste: A residue from the biodiesel industry
Mateus G. Godoy, Melissa L. E. Gutarra, Juliana V. Bevilaqua, Aline M. Castro, Olga L.T. Machado, Denise M. G. Freire
Biodiesel production by enzymatic-chemical hydroesterification of soybean oil
Elisa D. Cavalcanti-Oliveira, Priscila R. Silva, Alessandra P. Ramos, Joab S. Sousa, Donato A. G. Aranda, Denise M. G. Freire
Application of immobilized cellulases on the hydrolysis of steam exploded sugarcane bagasse after alkaline pre-treatment
Rafael E. Martins, Dasciana S. Rodrigues, Mirella L. Carvalho, Wellington S. Adriano, Raquel L. C. Giordano, Roberto C. Giordano
Intein modified hydrolytic enzymes
Sarah Dohle
Comparison of the effect of enzymatic extracts from Thermoascus aurantiacus and Trichoderma reesei on sugarcane bagasse saccharification
Thiago Okubo Procópio Pinto, Maurício Boscolo, Eleni Gomes, Roberto Da Silva
Immobilization of β-Glucosidase: Reversible adsorption versus multipoint covalent attachment
Marcelo F. Vieira, Angélica M. S. Vieira, Gisella M. Zanin, Paulo W. Tardioli, Raquel L. C. Giordano, Cesar Mateo, Jose M. Guisán
A mechanistically based kinetic model for enzymatic depolymerization of lignocellulosic biomass
Andrew J. Griggs, Manju Garg, Deepak Dugar, Jamila Saifee, Jonathan J. Stickel
Optimization and process dynamic modeling with neural networks of the enzymatic hydrolysis of sugarcane bagasse for the production of second generation ethanol
Edwin G. Boza Condorena, Laura L.G. Fuentes, Sarita C. Rabelo, Rubens Maciel Filho, Aline Carvalho da Costa
Identification and optimization of glycosyl hydrolase mixtures for maximizing saccharification yield from ammonia fiber expansion (AFEX) pretreated corn stover
Dahai Gao, Shishir Chundawat, Xiurong Yu, Nirmal Uppugundla, Venkatesh Balan, Bruce Dale
Cellulase production by an actinomycete isolated from a sugarcane region of Brazil
Fabio Nuno Marques da Vinha, Rodrigo Pires do Nascimento, Elba Bon, Rosalie R. R. Coelho
Evaluation of the digestibility of sugarcane bagasse clones with different lignin contents
Daniela B. Gurpilhares, Walter Carvalho, André Ferraz, Marcio H. P. Barbosa, Adriane M. F. Milagres
Quantitative analysis of enzyme adsorption during the hydrolysis of pretreated spruce
Anikó Várnai, Liisa Viikari, Matti Siika-aho
Hydrolysis of switchgrass and comparison with commercial enzyme Accellerase® 1500
Arpan Jain, Dr. Terry H. Walker
Saccharolytic enzymes production from disk milled rice straw by Acremonium cellulolyticus
Akihiro Hideno, Hiroyuki Inoue, Kenichiro Tsukahara, Shinichi Yano, Xu Fang, Takashi Endo, Shigeki Sawayama
Thermostable enzymes for efficient liquefaction and hydrolysis of pretreated lignocelluloses
Nóra Szijártó, Matti Siika-aho, Terhi Puranen, Liisa Viikari, Annukka Pakarinen
Effect of homo polyamino acid on enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulose
Ani Tejirian, Feng Xu
High temperature liquefaction of pretreated wheat straw at high solids concentrations
Pernille A. Skovgaard, Anand R. Sanadi, Claus Felby, Henning Jørgensen
Strategy to recycle enzyme and its impact on enzymatic hydrolysis
Ying Xue, Sunkyu Park, Hasan Jameel, Hou-min Chang
Using an encapsulation strategy to incorporate synergistic ratios of cellulolytic enzymes in high solids saccharification reactions
Tina Jeoh, Herb Scher, Monica C. Santa-Maria, Chadwick Wyler
Biolubricants production using enzymatic catalysis: Synthesis of estolides
Erika C. G. Aguieiras, Claudia O. Veloso, Juliana V. Bevilaqua, Danielle O. Rosas, Marta A. P. Langone
Biodiesel synthesis by esterification of free fatty acids from palm fatty acid distillate
Igor N.S. Correa, Susana L. Souza, Otavio L. Bernardes, Marly Catran, Márcio F. Portilho, Marta A. P. Langone
Enzyme characterization of monocomponent enzymes and saccharification of ionic liquid pretreated lignocellulosic biomass
Christopher J. Barr, Constance A. Schall, Jeffrey A. Mertens
Cellulase and amilase production by Aspergillus niger in solid state processes using fixed-bed column reactors and waste from rice and passion fruit production
Christiane P. Rocha, Ana B. C. Rodrigues, Carlos A. V. Almeida, Vicelma Luiz Cardoso, U. Coutinho Filho
Investigation of separate hemicellulosic liquor fermentation and cellulosic solid processing for production of ethanol
Alexandre Chapeaux, Mildred Zuccarello, Nancy Dowe, Daniel J. Schell
Third generation biorefinery: Review of potential applications for the biofuels industry
Antonio Carlos A. da Costa, Nei Pereira Jr
Evaluation of fermentation of cellulosic hydrolysates obtained by enzymatic saccharification of sugarcane bagasse pretreated by hydrothermal processing
Vinícius F. N. Silva, Priscila V. Arruda, Maria das Graças A. Felipe, Adilson R. Gonçalves, George J. M. Rocha
Development of a low-cost biomass conversion process using the microorganism Clostridium phytofermentans
Kevin Gray, Kexue Huang
Metabolic engineering of malic acid production by Saccharomyces cerevisiae
R.M. Zelle, A.F. de Hulster, J.T. Pronk, A.J.A. van Maris
Bioconverting the nutrients in dairy manure by Rhizopus oryzae for L-lactic acid production and biomass accumulation
Wanying Yao, Jun Zhu, Bo Sun, Xiao Wu, Curtis Miller
Making use of D-galacturonic acid
Peter Richard, M. Wiebe, D. Mojzita, S. Hilditch, O. Koivistoinen, M. Penttilä
Effects of ammonia impurity in syngas on ethanol production via fermentation
Deshun Xu, Randy S. Lewis
The switch from glucose to xylose stalled by repression of xylose-utilizing enzymes during exposure of Scheffersomyces (Pichia) stipitis to high ethanol concentrations
Patricia J. Slininger, Jaewoong A. Moon, Stephanie R. Thompson, Scott A. Weber, Z. Lewis Liu
Transcriptome, secretome and functional analysis of cre-1 in Neurospora crassa and its regulation during growth on crystalline cellulose
Jianping Sun, N. Louise Glass
Pretreatment and fermentation of sugar beet pulp into fuel ethanol
Yi Zheng, Christopher Lee, Chaowei Yu, Yu-Shen Cheng, Ruihong Zhang, Jean VanderGheynst, Bryan Jenkins
An integrated biorefinery approach utilizing AFEX-pretreated biomass as the exclusive source of carbon, nitrogen and other nutrients for ethanol and saccharolytic enzyme production
Ming W. Lau, Bryan D. Bals, Mingjie Jin, Christa Gunawan, A. Daniel Jones, Bruce E. Dale
Evaluation of microbial consortia for anaerobic degradation of fique pulp wastes
Mabel J. Quintero, Liliana Castro, Alex O. Velázquez, Heider Carreño, Carolina Guzmán, Claudia C. Ortiz, Humberto Escalante
Direct conversion of cellulosic biomass into ethanol using engineered recombinant Escherichia coli: Improvement of enzymatic accessibility toward substrate
Seunghyun Ryu, M. Nazmul Karim
Integrating the development of fermentation and recovery for bio-based products
Adrie J.J. Straathof
Efficient fermentation of mixed sugars and cellobiose by Spathaspora passalidarum under severely oxygen-limited conditions
Tanya M. Long, Yi-Kai Su, Jennifer R. Headman Van Vleet, Thomas W. Jeffries
Efficiency of sugar-to-ethanol conversion by different Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains during raspberry must fermentation
Whasley F. Duarte, Giuliano M. Dragone, Disney R. Dias, José M. Oliveira, José A. Teixeira, Rosane F. Schwan
Comparison of native xylose fermenting yeasts under various cultivation conditions  
Yi-Kai Su, Thomas W. Jeffries
Performance of three native xylose fermenting yeasts in maple hydrolysate at various sugar concentrations
Yi-Kai Su, Thomas W. Jeffries
Influence of medium nutritional composition and oxygen transfer rate on xylose-to-ethanol conversion by Pichia stipitis
João Paulo A. Silva, Solange I. Mussatto, Livia M. Carneiro, José A. Teixeira, Inês C. Roberto
Mathematical models of cashew apple bagasse hydrolizate fermentation by Kluyveromyces marxianus CE025 to produce ethanol and xylitol
Maria Valderez Ponte Rocha, Luciana R. B. Goncalves, Vania M.M. Melo, Gorete de Ribeiro Macedo
Probiotic production with encapsulated cells using milk whey
Paula R. Rosa, E. Maia e Sá, Laiane A. Andrade, Euclides H. Araújo, U. Coutinho Filho, Vicelma Luiz Cardoso
Ethanol production from milk whey by use of beta-galactosidase and Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Ailton C. Andrade, Marcelo Pireti, Vicelma Luiz Cardoso, U. Coutinho Filho, Euclides H. Araújo
Stoned olive pomace valorization by fungal solid state fermentation and its use as animal feed
Federico Federici, Maurizio Petruccioli, Alessandro D'Annibale, Stefano Terramoccia
Screening of Klebsiella pneumoniae for high-production of 1,3-propanediol by high-throughput screening (HTS) system
Baek-rock Oh, Jeong-Woo Seo, Sun-Yeon Heo, Don-Hee Park, Chul Ho Kim
Optimization of culture conditions to increase 1,3-propanediol production from glycerol using engineered Klebsiella pneumoniae
Hah-Young Yoo, Baek-rock Oh, Jeong-Woo Seo, Sun-Yeon Heo, Kyeong Eop Kang, Don-Hee Park, Chul Ho Kim
Effect of AFEX-pretreatment degradation products on fermentation by Saccharomyces cerevisiae 424A(LNH-ST)
Xiaoyu Tang, Mingjie Jin, Leonardo Sousa, Dahai Gao, Ramin Vismeh, James F. Humpula, Christa Gunawan, Zeyi Xiao, A. Daniel Jones, Bruce E. Dale, Venkatesh Balan
Biofuel ethanol production using Saccharomyces bayanus, the champagne yeast
Kristen Publicover, Tom Caldwell, Sarah W. Harcum
Microbial bioconversion of underutilized soybean biodiesel streams to industrial precursors and animal feed
Robert W. Nicol, Kim Marchand, W. David Lubitz
Engineering Neurospora crassa for cellobionate production
Zhiliang Fan, Weihua Wu, Ruifu Zhang, Takao Kasuga, Xiaochao Xiong
Optimization of enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation of SO2- steam-exploded giant bamboo for bioethanol production by xylose-fermenting yeast Saccharomyces  cerevisiae Y294-X-1-Proto
María P. García-Aparicio, Eugene Van Resburg, Wilson Parawira, W. H. van Zyl, J.F. Gorgens
Analysis of cellulolytic bacterial diversity within the intestinal tract of herbivores
Sandra Bediako, J. Michael Henson
Hydrolysis of switchgrass to soluble sugars using Clostridium phytofermentans and solid state fermentation
Abhiney Jain, J. Michael Henson
Molecular and metabolic characterization of cellulose and xylan utilization by enriched clostridial communities
Javier A. Izquierdo, Lee R. Lynd
Bioprospecting metagenomes: Exploring enzyme diversity and mining plant biomass deconstructive enzymes
Luen-Luen Li, Sean M. McCorkle, Yian-Biao Zhang, Susannah G. Tringe, Tanja Woyke, William S. Adney, Shi-You Ding, Michael Himmel, Daniel van der Lelie, Safiyh Taghavi
Characterization of cellulose hydrolysis and ethanol production in the extreme thermophile Caldicellulosiruptor obsidiansis
Scott Hamilton-Brehm, Zhiwu Wang, Jennifer L. Morrell-Falvey, James G. Elkins
Rapid methods for monitoring microbial cellulose utilization
Evert K. Holwerda, Lucas D. Ellis, Lee R. Lynd
Evaluation of methods for isolating high integrity total RNA at high yields from Clostridium thermocellum in the presence of large amounts of solid substrate
Babu Raman, Courtney M. Johnson, Dawn M. Klingeman, Miguel Rodriguez Jr, Steven D. Brown, Jonathan R. Mielenz, Brian H. Davison, Larry Feinberg, Christopher D. Herring, David Hogsett
Engineering of consolidated bioprocessors capable of cellulosic ethanol production
Jeffrey G. Gardner, Laura A. Zeitler, David H. Keating
Butanol production from ethanol stillage by Clostridium pasteuriaum DSM 525
Jae-hyeong Ahn, Byoung-In Sang, Youngsoon Um
Investigating factors affecting butanol production by Clostridium pasteurianum
Chuloo Moon, Seung Wook Kim, Byoung-In Sang, Youngsoon Um
Adaptation of native Saccharomyces cerevisiae for improved conversion of xylulose to ethanol
Dawei Yuan, Bin Li, Heng Shao, Patricia Relue, Sasidhar Varanasi
C. thermocellum sigma A promoter predictions using B. subtillis
Jessica L. Linville, Melissa Lindquist, Jinlyung Choi, Chris D. Cox
Lignocellulose fermentation by the alternative industrial ethanol yeast Dekkera bruxellensis
Johanna Blomqvist, Johan Schnürer, Volkmar Passoth
Production of astaxanthin from cellulosic biomass sugars by mutants of the yeast Phaffia rhodozyma
Justin Montanti, Nhuan P. Nghiem, David B. Johnston
Fermentation of 120 g/L glucose to L(+)-lactate at 50°C by thermotolerant Bacillus coagulans
Mark S. Ou, Mun Su Rhee, Lonnie O. Ingram, K. T. Shanmugam
Consolidated bioelectrochemical processing of cellulosic biomass to ethanol and hydrogen
Tsutomu Shimotori, Milenka Arispe-Angulo, Brian Corbett, Randhir Makkar, Michael J.K. Nelson, Harold May
Effect of biopretreatment by white rot fungi on chemical and pyrolysis characteristics of lignin
Xuewei Yang, Xiaoyu Zhang
Medium components optimization by response surface methodology for ethanol production using gluconate as substrate
Weihua Wu, Zhiliang Fan
Citric acid production by Candida guilliermondii on soy biodiesel-based glycerol
Thomas P. West
High throughput screening for bioethanol production
Whitney L. Jones, Charles E. Milliken, Audrey R. Thompson, Jordan T. Burbage, Charles E. Turick
Citric acid production by Candida species and Yarrowia lipolytica grown on glycerol from soy biodiesel processing
Thomas P. West
Transcriptomic analysis of the effect of acetic acid on S. cerevisiae 424A(LNH-ST) during the co-fermentation of glucose and xylose
Elizabeth Casey, Miroslav Sedlak, Nancy W. Y. Ho, Nathan S. Mosier
Effects of lignocellulosic inhibitory compounds and hydrolysates on ethanol fermentation by Saccharomyces cerevisiae K35
Hawon Lee, Pil-Jae Seong, Dae Haeng Cho, Yong Hwan Kim, Sung Bong Kim, Jong Ho Lee, Seung Wook Kim, Chulhwan Park
Gene expression analysis and lipidomics of glucose/xylose cofermenting S. cerevisiae 424A (LNH-ST) and its ethanol resistant variant
Jin-Hee Kim, Jiri Adamec, Nathan S. Mosier, Nancy W. Y. Ho, Miroslav Sedlak
System biology approach to determine differences between acetic acid tolerant S. cerevisiae 424A(LNH-ST) and original S. cerevisiae 424A(LNH-ST) during glucose/xylose fermentation
Chia-Ling Wu, Nathan S. Mosier, Jiri Adamec, Nancy W. Y. Ho, Miroslav Sedlak
Cellulase production using different streams of wheat grain and wheat straw based ethanol processes
Miklós Gyalai-Korpos, Réka Mangel, Zsolt Barta, Pablo Alvira, Dóra Dienes, Mercedes Ballesteros, Kati Réczey
Evaluation of a whole slurry process for producing ethanol from dilute-acid pretreated corn stover
Edward W. Jennings, Andrew C. Lowell, Darren J. Peterson, Nancy S. Dowe, Daniel J. Schell
Ethanol fermentation in a tower reactor with flocculant yeast
Thályta Fraga Pacheco, Hávala Barbosa Reis, Miriam Maria de Resende, Vicelma Luiz Cardoso, Eloízio Júlio Ribeiro
Synthetic enzyme mixtures for biomass conversion: The 'core set'
Goutami Banerjee, Suzana Car, John S. Scott-Craig, Melissa Borrusch, Nigat Aslam, Jonathan D. Walton
The effect of compounds found in lignocellulosic hydrolysates on growth of Zymomonas mobilis
Mary Ann Franden, Heidi M. Pilath, Ali Mohagheghi, Phil T. Pienkos, Min Zhang
Characterization of hydrolysate toxicity using biological and chemical analysis of various corn stover hydrolysates obtained from the horizontal pretreatment reactor
Mary Ann Franden, Heidi M. Pilath, Ali Mohagheghi, Philip T. Pienkos, Min Zhang
Are softwoods similar enough to allow a single set of optimised pretreatment conditions to be used for all species?
Linoj Kumar, Richard Chandra, Jack Saddler
Production of bioethanol from Pinus rigida using SAA (soaking in aqueous ammonia) pretreatment
Kyeong Eop Kang, Jae-Hee Park, Jong-Seong Kim, Seok Hwan Park, Gwi-Taek Jeong, Don-Hee Park

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