Monday, April 30, 2007: 6:45 PM-9:30 PM
South Convention Lobby (Adams Mark Hotel)
Poster Session 2
Chair:Tina Jeoh
Co-chair:Matthew Liberatore
Spatial availability of crop residue biomass amenable to dry collection and storage
Ethan B. Davis, Robert D. Perlack, Shahab Sokhansanj
On-farm pretreatment technologies for improving enzymatic digestibility of cellulose and hemicellulose present in perennial grass and corn stover
Matthew F. Digman, Kevin J. Shinners, Bruce S. Dien, Richard E. Muck, Paul J. Weimer
Obtaining representative samples of lignocellulosic biomass at various points along a feedstock supply chain
Cynthia R. Breckenridge, Debby Bruhn, David Blackwelder, Peter Pryfogle, Corey Radtke
Comparative sugar recovery and fermentation data and economic projections for application of leading pretreatment technologies to corn stover and poplar
Bin Yang, Charles Wyman, Bruce E. Dale, Richard T. Elander, Mark T. Holtzapple, Michael R. Ladisch, Yy Lee, Colin Mitchinson, Jack N. Saddler
Corn stover compositional variability: Results from a comprehensive survey
David W. Templeton, Amie D. Sluiter, Tammy K. Hayward, Bonnie R. Hames, Steven R. Thomas
Chemical composition changes during outside storage of cereal straws
Qi (Keith) Luo, Shijie Liu, Kwesi Ampong-Nyarko
A comparative analysis of the logistics and costs in corn stover and corn grain ethanol plants
Klein E. Ileleji, Abhijith Mukunda
Microbial conditioning and pretreatment for lignin co-products
Swetha Mahalaxmi, Clint Williford, Ashwini Thakre, Charles Burandt, James Rawlins
Environmental impact assessment of Integrated Biomass Supply Analysis and Logistics (IBSAL) model
Sudhagar Mani, Shahab Sokhansanj
Rapid analysis of switchgrass feedstocks
Bonnie R. Hames, Thomas W. Johnson, Amr S. Ragab, Brian A. Jerome, Patricia Davidow, Steven C. Bobzin
Storage changes of ensiled corn stover
Michael D. Montross, Corey W. Radtke, Dennis Hancock, Czarena L. Crofcheck
The effect of harvest date on corn stover silage for bioconversion into ethanol
Qin Chen, Tom L. Richard
Refueling agriculture for sustainable development
Maria Jose Lina Sousa Costa Ferreira, Joao Matos de Sousa
A techno-economic analysis of a syngas biorefinery producing hydrogen and PHA
Scott C. Bents, Robert C. Brown
Enzymatic hydrolysis of wheat flour and soybean flour within a biorefinery concept
Ruohang Wang, Mehmet Melikoglu, Yu Ji, Apostolis Koutinas, Colin Webb
Novel dry fractionation of oats and subsequent bioconversion
Ruohang Wang, Apostolis Koutinas, Colin Webb, Grant Campbell
Effectively fractionating lignocellulose and releasing sugars by enzymatic hydrolysis
Y.-H. Percival Zhang, Geoff Moxley
Dilute acid hydrolysis of DDGS and corn fiber
Hossein Noureddini, Jongwon Byun
Is there a structural basis for xylan biphasic kinetics during dilute acid pretreatment?
Stephanie E. Porter, Shi-You Ding, Bryon S. Donohoe, Todd B. Vinzant, Claudia Ishizawa, Michael E. Himmel, David K. Johnson
Enzymatic hydrolysis and ethanolic fermentation of tobacco stalks and orange waste pretreated by wet oxidation
Carlos Martín, Eugenio Carrillo, Ariel García, Teresa Fernández, Anne Belinda Thomsen
Temperature and time optimization in LHW pretreatment of wheat straw for ethanol production
Jose Ant. Perez Sr., Mercedes Ballesteros, Ignacio Ballesteros, Paloma Manzanares
A comparison between lime and alkaline hydrogen peroxide pretreatments of sugarcane bagasse for ethanol production
Sarita C. Rabelo, Rubens Maciel Filho, Aline C. Costa
Ethanol and succinic acid production from AFEX-treated sugar cane biomass
Farzaneh Teymouri, Michael Guettler, Susanne Kleff, Chris Saffron
Trabalho da Sarita
Asdfa Rubens
Overview of Biomass Refining Consortium for Applied Fundamentals and Innovation (CAFI)
Charles Wyman, Bruce E. Dale, Richard T. Elander, Mark T. Holtzapple, Michael R. Ladisch, Yy Lee, Colin Mitchinson, Jack N. Saddler
The potential impacts of xylooligomer solubility and reaction selectivity on hemicellulose hydrolysis kinetics
Matthew C. Gray, Rajeev Kumar, Todd Lloyd, Alvin Converse, Charles Wyman
Bio-organosolv pretreatment of Pinus radiata and Acacia dealbata for bioethanol production
Claudio Muñoz, Regis Mendonça, Jaime Baeza, Alex Berlin, Jack Saddler, Juanita Freer
Improving AFEX pretreatment using concentrated aqueous ammonia
Bryan D. Bals, Hasan Alizadeh, Derek J. Marshall, Elizabeth D. Newton, Venkatesh Balan, Bruce E. Dale
Hydrolysis and substrate characteristics for pretreatment of corn stover and poplar by leading pretreatment technologies
Rajeev Kumar, Charles Wyman
Cellulase production by Streptomyces malaysiensis AMT-3 using agro-industrial by-products in biorreactor
Rodrigo P. Nascimento, Nei Pereira Jr, Elba Bon, Rosalie R. R. Coelho, F.M. Gírio, Alberto D. Reis
Enzymatic hydrolysis and ethanol production from wet-exploded wheat straw
Tania I. Georgieva, Xiaoru Hou, Birgitte K. Ahring
Differentiation in activity of fractions of stay green corn stover for hot water pretreatment and cellulase saccharification
Meijuan Zeng, Joan Goetz, Richard Hendrickson, Chia-Ping Huang, Debra Sherman, Nathan S. Mosier, Michael R. Ladisch
Waste to ethanol
Mai Østergaard Petersen, Frank Iversen, Niels Henriksen, Jan Larsen
Identifying relations between pre-treatment parameters, enzymatic hydrolysis, and ethanol fermentation using alkaline wet oxidation of reed
Enikô Varga, Zsófia Kádár, Anne Belinda Thomsen, Kati Réczey
Bioethanol production possibilities from hemp
Zsófia Kádár, Enikõ Varga, Balázs Csoknyai, Nóra Szijártó, Imre Nagy, Kati Réczey
Optimization of Ammonia Fiber Expansion (AFEX) pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis of Miscanthus x giganteus to fermentable sugars
Hannah K. Murnen, Venkatesh Balan, Shishir P. S. Chundawat, Bryan Bals, Bruce E. Dale
High-throughput AFEX pretreatment screening on poplar
Venkatesh Balan, Derek Marshall, Shishir P. S. Chundawat, Bruce E. Dale
Enzymatic hydrolysis of AFEX treated corn stover and Miscanthus at high solid loadings
Leonardo Sousa, Venkatesh Balan, Shishir P. S. Chundawat, Bruce E. Dale
Evaluating herbaceous perennials as energy crops for production of fuel ethanol
Bruce S. Dien, Hans-Joachim G. Jung, Michael A. Cotta, Patricia J. O'Bryan, Loren B. Iten
Development and validation of an automated 96-well microplate hydrolytic assay for AFEX treated lignocellulosics using commercial enzyme mixtures & synergistic fungal enzymes
Shishir P.S. Chundawat, Balan Venkatesh, Subashini Nagendran, Holly A. Gunter, Jonathan D. Walton, Bruce E. Dale
Quantitation of organic degradation products resulting from varying pretreatment chemistry applied to poplar and corn stover
Bowen Du, Lekh Nath Sharma, C. Kevin Chambliss, G. Peter Van Walsum
Quantitation of organic degradation products resulting from varying solids concentration in dilute acid pretreatment of poplar and corn stover
Bowen Du, Lekh Nath Sharma, C. Kevin Chambliss, G. Peter Van Walsum
Kinetic study on the release and accumulation of degradation products resulting from dilute acid pretreatment of poplar and corn stover
Lekh Nath Sharma, Bowen Du, G. Peter Van Walsum, C. Kevin Chambliss
Process modeling update of various leading pretreatment technologies
Richard T. Elander, Tim Eggeman
Bioenergy potential of maize
Mette Hedegaard Thomsen, Jens Bo Holm-Nielsen, Michael Madsen, Piotr Oleskowicz-Popiel, Anne Belinda Thomsen
Bioethanol from germinated grains
Mette Hedegaard Thomsen, Nobert Tajoacha, Chen Wu, Søren Hovgaard, Lars P. Houmøller, Jens Bo Holm-Nielsen, Anne Belinda Thomsen
Fast analysis of organic acids, furans, and ethanol in biomass hydrolysate liquor and fermentation samples
Christopher Scarlata
Comparison of microwave oven and autoclave methods for the analytical hydrolysis of biomass
Christopher Scarlata
The effect of different drying regimes on the enzymatic hydrolyzability of pretreated lignocellulosics
Pablo Chung, Alex Berlin, Michael Liu, Jack Saddler
Xylanase supplementation during saccharification of corn stover and poplar
Renata Bura, Richard Chandra, Jack N. Saddler
Bioconversion of organosolv-pretreated British Columbian beetle-killed softwoods for ethanol production
Alex Berlin, Pablo Chung, Jack Saddler
Pretreatment characteristics of waste oak wood by ammonia percolation
Jun SeoK Kim, Jin-Suk Lee, Soon-Chul Park, Joon-Pyo Lee
Mild chemical pretreatment of wheat straw to improve its susceptibility to enzymatic saccharification
Nóra Szijártó, Enikõ Varga, Attila Deák, Zsófia Kádár, Kati Réczey
Enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulose for electricity generation in a microbial fuel cell
Farzaneh Rezaei, Tom L. Richard, Bruce E. Logan
Recent developments in rapid NIR/PLS analysis of corn stover feedstock and process intermediates
Amie D. Sluiter
The role of hydrogen bonding interaction in acidic sugar degradation pathways
Xianghong Qian, Mark R. Nimlos, David K. Johnson, Michael E. Himmel
Bioconversion of mountain pine beetle killed lodgepole pine using steam-explosion and organosolv-ethanol pretreatment
Richard Chandra, Shannon Ewanick, Dexter Lam, Maobing Tu, Alex Berlin, Renata Bura, Xuejun Pan, Jack Saddler
Investigation of cellulase reaction mechanism using pure cellulosic substrates
Rajesh Gupta, Y. Y. Lee
Effect of xylanase supplementation on enzymatic digestion of ammonia treated biomass
Rajesh Gupta, Y. Y. Lee
Pretreatment of corn stover and hybrid poplar by sodium hydroxide
Rajesh Gupta, Y. Y. Lee
Simultaneous saccharification and co-fermenation of paper mill sludges into ethanol by cellulase and recombinant E. coli
Li Kang, Y. Y. Lee
Pretreatment effects of white-rot fungi during ensiled storage of corn stover biomass
Deepti Tanjore, Tom L. Richard, Ming Tien
Strategies for integral use of the main brewery by-product
Solange I. Mussatto, Marcela Fernandes, Inês C. Roberto
More accurate determination of acid-liable carbohydrate contents of lignocellulose by modified quantitative saccharification
Geoff Moxley, Y.-H. Percival Zhang
Scale-up studies for determining biomass reactivity during pretreatment
Noah D. Weiss, Nicholas J. Nagle, Richard T. Elander
Enhancing the hydrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass through the use of ionic liquids
Nicole Labbe, Douglas G. Hayes, Joseph Bozell, Lindsey Kline
Use of modern anion chromatography for the analysis of biomass hydrolyzates
David K. Johnson
Rapid and selective conversion of glucose to hydrogen gas by supercritical water within a microchannel reactor
Gregory L. Rorrer, Aaron Goodwin
Alkali buffering capacity of straw-based feedstocks
Supaporn Sophonputtanaphoca, Michael H. Penner
Pretreatment, hydrolysis and fermentation of brewer's spent grain
Kripa Rao, Sasidhar Varanasi, Dong-shik Kim, Constance Schall, Anantha Ramprasad Dadi
The role of xyloglucanase in the total hydrolysis of lignocellulosic substrates
Zsuzsa Benko, Katy Reczey, Matti Siika-aho, Liisa Viikari
Recent advances in yeast production
Mohamad Said Ali Safwat
Hydrogen production in a trickle bed reactor using extremely thermophilic bacteria
Johan W. Van Groenestijn, Koen P.H. Meesters, Pieternal A.M. Claassen
Extracellular lipase(s) from microbe(s)isolated from hot spring in Karachi Pakistan
Furqan Sami, Abid Ali Syed, Atiya Abbasi
Scale up and reactor design for biological conversion of cellulosic biomass to ethanol featuring enzymatic hydrolysis
Xiongjun Shao, Lee Lynd*, Richard LaRoche, Charles Wyman
Optimization of a propagation procedure of Saccharomyces cerevisiae in batch culture for bioethanol production by means of the Taguchi parameter design
Piedad Curiel-Camino, Enrique Barrado-Esteban, Rebeca Díez-Antolinez, Pablo Gutiérrez-Gómez, Silvia Pisonero-Torralba, Isidro Sangüesa-Dominguez
The use of ligno-cellulosic materials for the biological treatment of metal-contaminated waters under sulphate-reducing conditions
Márcia M. M. Goncalves, Luiz A. de O. Mello, Antonio Carlos A. Da Costa
Bioethanol production from steam exploded barley straw
María del Prado García-Aparicio, José M. Oliva, Paloma Manzanares, Mercedes Ballesteros, Felicia Sáez, María J. Negro
Novel nisin purification method using a two-phase aqueous micellar systems
Angela F. Jozala, André M. Lopes, Priscila G. Mazzola, Larissa M. Sato, Stephanie G. Liu, Thereza C. V. Penna, Adalberto Pessoa Jr.
Bioreactor request to nisin production in skimmed milk and milk whey
Angela F. Jozala, Luciana J. Arauz, Priscila G. Mazzola, Adalberto Pessoa Jr., Thereza C. V. Penna
GFP biomonitoring by genetically modified Bacillus subtilis W1012 strain during biosurfactant production
Luiz Carlos Martins das Neves, Marcio Junji Kobayashi, Thaís Miranda Rodrigues, Wolfgang Schumann, Thereza Christina Vessoni Penna
Consolidated conversion of hulled barley into ethanol using chemo, thermo, and enzymatic treatment
Tae Hyun Kim, Frank Taylor, Kevin, B. Hicks
Lignin peroxidase from Streptomyces viridosporus T7A: concentration via membrane processes and effect of pH on enzyme stability
Leda M. F. Gottschalk, Elba P.S. Bon, Ronaldo Nobrega
Cursory application of near infrared spectroscopy on anatomical fractions of barley (Hordeum vulgare) for component comparisons
Peter A. Pryfogle, Christopher T. Wright, Daniel M. Stevens, J. Richard Hess
Continuous production of ethanol from sugar cane molasses using yeast immobilized in pectin gel
Raquel de Lima Camargo Giordano, Willibaldo Schmidell Netto
Optimization of green fluorescent protein purification by three anion exchange chromatography matrices
Marina Ishii, Mariane Freitas Minaguti, Thereza Christina Vessoni Penna, Olívia Cholewa
Biological conversion of pretreated olive tree pruning biomass to fuel ethanol
Paloma Manzanares, Maria J. Negro, Jose M. Oliva, Felicia Saez, Mercedes Ballesteros, Cristobal Cara, Encarnación Ruiz, Ignacio Ballesteros
Production of low-temp biodiesel
Rebecca A. Davis, Samia A. Mohtar, Bernie Y. Tao
An alternative application to the Portuguese agro-industrial residue: Wheat straw
Denise S. Ruzene, Daniel P. Silva, António A. Vicente, Adilson R. Gonçalves, José A. Teixeira
Oxygen controlled biosurfactant production in a bench scale bioreactor
Frederico A. Kronemberger Sr., Lídia M. Santa Anna, Luiz Fernando D. Tavares, Ana Carolina L. B. Fernandes, Cristiano P. Borges, Denise M. G. Freire
Biosorption of cadmium(II) and zinc(II) in binary system by Sargassum sp
Cristiane A. Henriques, Aderval S. Luna, Antonio Carlos A. da Costa, Bianca Barbosa D. Santos
The effect of the surfactants on the estimation bacterial density in petroleum samples
Aderval S. Luna, Antonio Carlos A. da Costa, Marcia Monteiro M. Gonçalves, Kelly Yaeko M. de Almeida
Using activity as a basis for pricing cellulase and other enzymes
Robert D. Tanner, Elizabeth M. R. Ferguson, Chris C. Stowers
The effect of pH and air flow rate on the separation of egg yolk and egg white using foam fractionation
Ross A. Edwards, Robert D. Tanner
Evaluating vitamins recovering through the development of a supercritical extraction process: A virtual plant
Elenise B. Moraes, Mario E. T. Alvarez, Maria R. Wolf-Maciel
Supercritical extraction process for recovering acrylic acid produced from sugar fermentation
Mario E. T. Alvarez, Elenise B. Moraes, Maria R. Wolf-Maciel
Effect of metabolic engineering on downstream processing in succinic acid recovery from fermentation broth
Hyohak Song, Yun Suk Huh, Won Hi Hong, Sang Yup Lee
Screening of microorganisms as potential inulinase production using agroindustrial residues and optimization of culture conditions using response surface methodology
Marcio Antonio Mazutti, Helen Treichel, Yemiko Makino, Maria Isabel Rodrigues, Francisco Maugeri Filho
Piloting aerobic and anaerobic bioreactors for agitation scale-up
Gregory T. Benz
Lignin redeposition on lignocellulosic biomass during pretreatment under neutral and acidic conditions
Michael J. Selig, Sridhar Viamajala, Todd B. Vinzant, Melvin P. Tucker, Stephen R. Decker
Conditioning of dilute acid pretreated corn stover by lime and ammonium hydroxide: Effect on sugar losses and conversion of sugars to ethanol
Edward W. Jennings, Daniel J. Schell
Effects of fermentation byproducts on solvent extraction of ethanol from aqueous solutions
Chuanbin Liu, Ted Aulich
Modelling and simulation of batch adsorption process of fructose on activated carbon
Wallace L. S. Torres, Renata M. R. G. Almeida, Wagner R. O. Pimentel, Frede O. Carvalho, Marcondes L. Silva
Simultaneous saccharification and fermentation of wheat straw using recombinant Saccharomyces cerevisiae TMB3400
Kim Olofsson, Andreas Rudolf, Gunnar Lidén
Proposal of process intensification and green technology for ethyl acetate production
Aline F. Custodio, Rubens Maciel Filho, M.R. Wolf Maciel
Processing parameters matching effects upon Rhizobium tropici biopolymers reological properties
Flávia Duta Pimenta, Francisca Pessôa De França, Lea Maria de Almeida Lopes
Xylan and lignin removal during flow through pretreatment of corn stover
Sridhar Viamajala, Melvin P. Tucker, Michael J. Selig, Todd Vinzant, Stephen R. Decker, Richard T. Elander
Comparison of instrumental methods for determining carbohydrate composition in pretreated corn stover hydrolyzate liquor
Nancy S. Dowe, Raymond O. Ruiz, Kent W. Evans, Edward W. Jennings, Daniel J. Schell
On-line measurement of corn stover composition in an industrially relevant process environment
Raymond O. Ruiz, Daniel J. Schell
Consecutive reaction model for the pyrolysis of corn cob
Fei Yu, Roger Ruan, Paul Chen
Atomospheric pressure liquefaction of dried distillers grains (DDG) and its application to polyurethane foams
Fei Yu, Roger Ruan, Paul Chen
DuPont innovation in support of biofuels & biobased chemicals
William D. Provine
The effect of inhibitors on xylitol biosynthesis
Christine J. Kelly, Curtis A. Lajoie
Performance specialty products derived from sustainable resources
Nicholas E. Kob, Haibo Zhao, David Hester, Ralph DiGuilio
Evaluation of fuzzy logic and artificial neural networks for the development of software sensors for bioethanol production monitoring
Elmer Ccopa Rivera, Nadson Lima, Rafael Ramos de Andrade, Aline Carvalho da Costa, Rubens Maciel Filho
Analysis of kinetic and operational parameters in a structured model for acrylic acid production through experimental design
Betânia H. Lunelli, Rubens Maciel Filho, Elmer C. Rivera
Kinetic modeling and parameter estimation in a pseudo-expanded bed tower bioreactor for bioethanol production
Elmer Ccopa Rivera, Aline C. Costa, Silvio R. Andrietta, Betânia H. Lunelli, Rubens Maciel Filho
Production of the polysaccharide curdlan on a corn dry-milling coproduct from ethanol fermentation
Thomas P. West, Beth Nemmers
Ability of a curdlan overproducer strain to utilize an ethanol dry-milling coproduct for polysaccharide synthesis
Thomas P. West, Beth Nemmers
Metabolic engineering of Saccharomyces cerevisiae microbial cell factories for succinic acid production
José Manuel Otero, Jens Nielsen, Lisbeth Olsson
Pretreatment of methanogenic granules for immobilized hydrogen fermentation
Bo Hu, Zhanyou Chi, Shulin Chen
Biological hydrogen production with chloroform treated methanogenic granule
Bo Hu, Shulin Chen
A successful model for the development and commercialization of biobased products for industrial uses from soybeans
Alvin L. Young, William W. Kurz
Biobutanol - A superior fuel for tomorrow: Use of agricultural residues as economically novel substrates
Thaddeus Chukwuemeka Ezeji, Nasib Qureshi, Hans Peter Blaschek
Construction and characterization of ptb-deleted mutant of Clostridium tyrobutyricum and its effect on hydrogen fermentation
Yali Zhang, Shang-Tian Yang
Optimization of succinic acid production by E.coli
Amarjeet Singh, Michael D Lynch, Ryan T. Gill
Catalytic liquefaction of rice husk on Cl-/ Fe2O3
Zhiping Le, Lizhi Hong, Roger Ruan, Shaobo Deng, Fei Yu, Hong Zhang
Development of shrimp feed products for improve water management in shrimp farm
Sumonthip Kongtun
Fermentability improvement of dilute-acid hydrolyzate and high ethanol production rate by encapsulated S. cerevisiae
Farid Talebnia Rowshan III, Mohammad Taherzadeh III
A study on the biodiesel obtainment from the chicken oil
Thales B. Amaral, Adilson R. Gonçalves, Carlos R. O. Almeida, George J. M. Rocha
Biodiesel and biogas production: New trend of alternative Brazilian energy sources
Luiz Carlos Martins das Neves, Marcio Junji Kobayashi, Thaís Miranda Rodrigues, Attilio Converti, Thereza Christina Vessoni Penna
Production of microcrystalline cellulose from tropical agricultural residues
Foster Agblevor, Maha Ibrahim, Waleed K. El-Zawawy
Non thermal production of hydrogen from biomass
Pieternel A.M. Claassen, Truus De Vrije, Astrid Mars
Production of biodiesel from tung oil
Ji-Yeon Park, Deog-Keun Kim, Joon-Pyo Lee, Soon-Chul Park, Zhong-Ming Wang, Jin-Suk Lee
Transesterification of crude soybean oil with methanol in continuous reactors
Deog-Keun Kim, Jin-Suk Lee, Soon-Chul Park, Ji-Yeon Park, Joon-Pyo Lee
Lipase catalyzed methanolysis to produce biodiesel: Effect of high fatty acid and water content
Jae-Hee Park, Gwi-Taek Jeong, Hee-Seung Yang, Seok-Hwan Park, Hah-Young Yoo, Seung-Ho Jung, Gwang-Yeon Lee, Hwa-Won Ryu, Don-Hee Park
Production of fatty acid methyl ester from animal fats
Hee-Seung Yang, Gwi-Taek Jeong, Seok-Hwan Park, Jae-Hee Park, Dae-Hyun Youn, In-Ho Lee, Hee Jang, Woo-Tae Lee, Don-Hee Park
Fungal co-cultivation: An approach for simultaneous production of xylanase and laccase under submerged fermentation using Parthenium sp. as a novel plant biomass
P Dwivedi, V Vivekanand, N Sabharwal, R. P. Singh
Hydrogen production by pure and mixed thermophilic cultures
Ahmad A. Zeidan, Peter Rådström, Ed W. J. van Niel
SSF: A novel strategy for enhanced production of laccase by mutant Aspergillus fumigatus VkJ2-4.5 using banana peel as an ideal solid support
V. Vivekanand, P Dwivedi, N Sabharwal, R P Singh
Use of agricultural residues for the production of oxidized lignins in acidic medium aiming heavy metals removal from effluents
Gisele Aparecida Amaral Labat, Adilson Roberto Gonçalves
Yeast biomass production in brewery's spent grains hemicellulosic hydrolysate
L. C. Duarte, Florbela Carvalheiro, S. Lopes, I. Neves, Francisco M. Gírio
Improvements in glucan conversion in rice straw while producing valuable isolates using solid state fermentation and the AFEX process
Venkatesh Balan, Shishir P.S. Chundawat, Holly Gunter, Bruce E. Dale
Basic oxides as catalysts for biodiesel production in heterogeneous media
Cristiane A. Henriques, Wallace M. Antunes, Paula M. Veiga, Karen S. Augusto, Claudia O. Veloso
Comparison between alkali-catalysis and lipase-catalysis processes for biodiesel production
Otavio L. Bernardes, Wallace M. Antunes, Fabio Merçon, Claudia O. Veloso, Cristiane A. Henriques, Marta A. P. Langone
Fermentation kinetics for xylitol production by a Pichia stipitis D-xylulokinase mutant previously grown in spent sulfite liquor
Rita de Cassia L.B. Rodrigues, Bernice Lin, Chenfeng Lu, Thomas W. Jeffries
Bioethanol production optimization: A thermodynamic analysis
Alvarez Victor, Ccopa Rivera Elmer, Carvalho da Costa Aline, Aznar Martin, Maciel Filho Rubens
High cell density culture of Schizochytrium to produce DHA with a “Shift” strategy
Zhanyou Chi, Bo Hu, Yan Liu, Shulin Chen
Bacterial cellulose production by Acetobacter xylinum strains from uneconomical agricultural products
Sasithorn Kongruang
Red pigment production from Monascus purpureus strains
Sasithorn Kongruang, Chatchawan Singhapol
Optimization of xanthan production by Xanthomonas campestris grown in coconut juice
Sasithorn Kongruang
Biodiesel production from mixture of used cooking oil and canola oil
Ajay K. Dalai, Titipong Issariyakul, Lekha C. Meher, Mangesh K. Kulkarni, Narendra N. Bakhshi
Sustainabilityrx: Remote sensing innovations, business market potential, and policy implications of bioenergy from small diameter timber
Gordon Bradley, Renata Bura, L. Monika Moskal, Dorothy Paun, Clare Ryan
Kinetics parameters of castor oil and soybean oil
Nívea De lima da silva, Cesar Benedito Batistella, Maria Regina Wolf Maciel, Rubens Maciel Filho
A preliminary study of biodiesel production in a novel intensive electrostatic reactor
Satya A. Gangu, Mauricio Antenzana, T. Prader, Jerzy Petera, Laurence R. Weatherley
Dilute phosphoric acid hydrolysis of domestics solid waste for ethanol production
Mohammad Ahmad, Angela Orozco
Oxygen permeability of poly(sorbitan methacrylate) hydrogel
Seok-Hwan Park, Gwi-Taek Jeong, Hee-Seung Yang, Jae-Hee Park, Kyoung-Min Lee, Do-Heyoung Kim, Doman Kim, Changshin Sunwoo, Don-Hee Park
Simplified measurement of cold-filter plugging point in biodiesel
Don-Hee Park, Gwi-Taek Jeong, Jae-Hee Park, Hyun-June Park, Young-Je Yoo
Use of microbial formulation to convert organic wastes into upgraded organic fertilizers
John Lin, Shelley Zhou, Franki Hung, K. H. Chu
Evaluation of cashew apple juice for the production of fuel ethanol
Álvaro Daniel Teles Pinheiro, Maria Valderez Ponte Rocha, Luciana R. B. Goncalves
Modeling and simulation of a continuous process for ethanol production by fermentation using immobilized Saccharomyces cerevisiae in a fluidized bed bioreactor
Giovanilton Ferreira Silva, Andrea Lopes de Oliveira Ferreira, Luciana R. B. Goncalves
Production of lactic acid by continuous culture of Lactobacillus sp. RKY2 from glucose and wood hydrolyzate
Jae-Hoon Jeong, Young-Jung Wee, Hwa-Won Ryu
Isolation and characterization of a cellulose-producing microorganism
Jin-Nam Kim, Yong-Jun Kim, Soo-Yeon Kim, Young-Jung Wee, Don-Hee Park, Hwa-Won Ryu
Succinic acid production as an integrated component of a forest products biorefinery
David B. Hodge, Christian Andersson, Ulrika Rova, Kris A. Berglund
Biodiesel fuel production in a magneto-fluidized bed bioreactor using cell catalyst
Ming Ying, Guanyi Chen
Oligosaccharide synthesis from cellobiose
Misook Kim, Donal F. Day
Development of a new enzyme-based biodiesel production process
Somayesadat Badieyan, Andrew Fulton, Zhiliang Fan
Conversion of paper sludge to lactic acid using thermophilic bacteria Bacillus coagulans
Naresh Budhavaram, James Fisher, Zhiliang Fan
Biodiesel in the IEA Bioenergy liquid biofuels network
Manfred Wörgetter, Dina Bacovsky
Hydrogen enhanced combustion of biofuels
Luke Franklin, Anil Bika, David B. Kittelson
Selective enrichment of a methanol-utilizing consortium using pulp and paper mill waste streams
Gregory R. Mockos, William A. Smith, Frank J. Loge, David N. Thompson
Biodiesel subproducts: An alternative substrate for biomass and bioactive molecules production
Juan D. Rivaldi, Boutros F. Sarrouh, Rodolpho F. Fonseca, Neuza Jorge, Silvio S. Da Silva
Development of a process for ethanol production from barley
John Nghiem, Kevin Hicks, David Johnston, Andy McAloon, Winnie Yee, Mian Li, Jay Shetty, Gerhard Konieczny-Janda

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