Monday, April 30, 2007

Proposal of process intensification and green technology for ethyl acetate production

Aline F. Custodio, Rubens Maciel Filho, and M.R. Wolf Maciel. Faculty of Chemical Engineering, State University of Campinas (UNICAMP), P.O. 6066, Campinas-SP, 13081-970, Brazil

This work presents a study of a complete system for production of ethyl acetate via esterification of acetic acid with ethanol using ASPEN PLUS. The main contribution of this work is the high-purity of water gotten. Ethyl acetate is an important organic solvent widely used in the production of varnishes, ink, synthetic resins, and adhesive agents and is normally produced via reversible reaction of acetic acid with ethanol. The process design is more complicated because the ethyl acetate product is neither the lightest nor the heaviest component in the system. In summary, the overall process design includes a continuous-stirred tank reactor (CSTR) coupled with a rectifier, a decanter, another two columns of purification of water and Ethyl acetate.