Monday, April 30, 2007

Biodiesel in the IEA Bioenergy liquid biofuels network

Manfred Wörgetter and Dina Bacovsky. Agricultural Engineering Research, FJ-BLT, Rottenhauserstr. 1, Wieselburg, A 3250, Austria

Biodiesel offers many potential advantages including environmental benefits, local employment and economic development opportunities, and the ability to integrate national energy and agricultural policies. At the same time, biodiesel faces many infrastructure and market penetration challenges. For biodiesel to be successful at a widespread basis, effective policies and regulations are required. These policies built the basis for a transition to a biobased economy.

 The overall objective of our networking activities is to provide governments and policy makers with improved information that will help them identify and eliminate barriers to biodiesel deployment. Within the Biodiesel Subtask of the IEA Bioenergy Liquid Biofuels network we have carried out activities in three areas: (a) reports, (B) Outreach to stake holders. And (c) organization of a comprehensive workshop in the Germany, the worldwide leading Biodiesel country.

 The poster will inform on (a) European technologies for Biodiesel production, (b) the European Biofuels Directive Monitoring System and (c) the result of a two-day Biodiesel workshop in Germany

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