Monday, April 30, 2007

Biodiesel subproducts: An alternative substrate for biomass and bioactive molecules production

Juan D. Rivaldi1, Boutros F. Sarrouh1, Rodolpho F. Fonseca1, Neuza Jorge2, and Silvio S. Da Silva1. (1) Biotechnology, USP-LORENA, Rod. itajuba/Lorena km 74,5, Lorena-SP, Brazil, (2) Food Engineering, IBILCE- State university of São Paulo, Juiz de Fora, Brazil

In the recent years, biodiesel market in Brazil has been growing considerably, resulting in a significant increase in its annual production. Such industrial fact brings as a result the liberation of high amounts of subproducts obtained from the process of transesterification of vegetable oils. Glycerol, also represented by, 1,2,3 propanetriol, is considered as the principal subproduct of industrial elaboration of biodiesel.
In the world, there is a crescent interest in searching for new strategies for the utilization of these residues. Various studies investigated the chemical transformation or the direct use of glycerol in derived products.
This work pretends to study, through fermentative processes, the biotechnological utilization of glycerol as the only carbon source for cellular biomass production, with the future perspective of obtaining of bioactive molecules. Different yeast strains have been evaluated regarding their growing capacity under different fermentative parameters. The results of this study will show the possibility of glycerol use as an alternative substrate for bioactive compounds production.
Acknowledgment: CAPES, CNPq, FAPESP