Monday, April 30, 2007

Bacterial cellulose production by Acetobacter xylinum strains from uneconomical agricultural products

Sasithorn Kongruang, Division of Biotechnology, Department of Agro-Industrial Technology, Faculty of Applied Science, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology North Bangkok, 1518 Pibulsongkram Road, Bangsue, Bangkok, 10800, Thailand

Bacterial  cellulose  is  the  biopolysaccharide  produced  from  bacteria , Acetobacter  xylinum.  Static  batch  fermentations  for  bacterial  cellulose  production  were  studied  in  coconut  and pineapple juices  under  30 °C  in a 5 liters fermenter by  using  3   Acetobacter  strains  :   Acetobacter  xylinum TISTR  998 , Acetobacter  xylinum TISTR  975  and   Acetobacter  xylinum TISTR  893.  Experiments  were  carried  out  in  order  to  compare  the  bacterial  cellulose  yields  along  with  the  growth  kinetic  analysis. Results  showed  that  A. xylinum TISTR 998   produced  bacterial  cellulose  yield   equal    to  553.33 g/L    while  A. xylinum TISTR   893   produced  453.33 g/L    and  A. xylinum TISTR 975  yielded  243.33 g/L.  In  pineapple  juice ,  the yields  for   A. xylinum TISTR 893 , 975 and 998  were  576.66 , 546.66  and  520 g/L , respectively . The strain TISTR 998 presented the highest productivity when using the coconut juices. Morphological properties of cellulose pellicles in terms of texture and color were measured. Results revealed that the texture and color were significantly differences (One way Analysis, ANOVA, p<0.001).