Monday, April 30, 2007

A study on the biodiesel obtainment from the chicken oil

Thales B. Amaral, Adilson R. Gonçalves, Carlos R. O. Almeida, and George J. M. Rocha. Biotechnology Department, Engineering School of Lorena- EEL-USP, Rodovia Itajubá - Lorena - Km 74,5 - Bairro Campinho, Lorena-SP, Brazil

Brazil is a great producer and exporter of chicken meat, generating a large amount of sub used wastes, like skin, cartilages and fats. This work aims the removal and quantification of the oil contained in this reject, in order to use it as raw material for study of biodiesel obtainment. The wastes with fats were heated and the oil was separated by filtration. The oil extraction of this reject yielded 40%. The chemical analysis of this oil presented following indexes: 0.85 mg KOH/g acidity, 199.00 mg KOH/g saponification, 1.87 mg KOH/g peroxide, 78.90 cg I2/g iodine. The composition of the fatty acids obtained by gas chromatography was 0.01% caproic (C6), 0.01% capric (C10), 0.03% lauric (C12) 0.60% myristic (C14), 21.50% palmitic (C16), 5.13% stearic (C18), 41.59% oleic (C18 with 1 C = C), 15.72% linoleic (C18 with 2 C = C), 0.79% linolenic (C18 with 3 C = C), 0.07% arachidic (C20). Experiments have been performed to determine the optimum conditions for this conversion process using a 23 complete factorial experimental design. The preliminary tests showed that this oil has a great potential for the biodiesel production. [Acknowledgements: FAPESP, CNPq, FINEP-BIOETANOL]