P20: Developing media for batch fermentation at microtitre and shake flask scales 

Monday, November 7, 2011
Capri Ballroom (Marriott Marco Island)
Diane Wilkinson, Lee Blackwell, Ryan Hylands, Malcolm J. Saxton and Rebecca Williamson, Research & Development Department, Novozymes Biopharma UK Ltd, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Success in microbial and recombinant protein screening programmes requires use of robust, but adaptable, growth media and conditions.  Batch growth conditions commonly used within these processes often result in fluctuations in carbon, metabolite, product (sometimes inhibitory) and pH profiles during growth. Attempts to control these through restricted carbon source availability and/or adjusted media concentration have had some success. Under certain conditions where higher cell densities are required for screening or small scale production the system mass transfer challenges in particular may increase. 

In this work we describe our development of growth media suitable for Saccharomyces sp. strain screening and small scale recombinant biopharmaceutical protein production. Attention has been placed not only on delivering reproducible higher yields, but also on maintaining final product fidelity.   

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