P21: Screening for optimal fedbatch medium

Monday, November 7, 2011
Capri Ballroom (Marriott Marco Island)
Sten Erm, Kaarel Adamberg, Raivo Vilu and Reet Tsupilo, CCFFT, Tallinn, Estonia
Screening for optimal substrate in batch fermentation can be a misleading process. This can be the case if medium is being selected for fed-batch, a situation where product or substrate concentration can start to inhibit further growth at high cell densities. The effect of several yeast extracts on the growth of E. coli BL21 was assessed in batch, continuous and fed-batch cultivations. The most promising yeast extract screened from batch experiments started to inhibit bacterial growth in fed-batch when biomass concentration had increased to a certain extent. Therefore it seems the optimal screening of different yeast extracts should be done in fed-batch. Our set-up can provide fed-batch data more rapidly than in conventional systems.
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