P13: Characterization of a High-throughput Bioreactor for Cell Line Selection and Process Development

Monday, November 7, 2011
Capri Ballroom (Marriott Marco Island)
Torben Bruck1, Tiffany D. Rau2, David Loer3, Lacey Douthit3, Savanah Howe3 and Lawrence Chew1, (1)Fermentation Development, Pfenex Inc, San Diego, CA, (2)Life Science, Pall Corporation, Port Washington, NY, (3)Intern, Pfenex Inc, San Diego, CA
Cell lines and processes not only need to be developed rapidly to meet commercial timelines, but cell based processes need to be robust so that may be easily transferred from small scale (R and D) to commercial scale (Design for Manufacturing).  Small scale high-throughput bioreactors allow for cell lines to be screened controlled in both the microbial and mammalian world rapidly and earlier than ever before with fewer resources. Typically small scale devices often use different sensor technologies and mixing strategies compared to traditional larger scale vessels. A variety of engineering aspects of a small scale bioreactor will be explored which will include pH, temperature and dissolved oxygen control under multiple operating conditions (volume, mixing, and vessel configuration).  Data will also be shown where a high-throughput bioreactor, Micro-24 Microreactor was used as part of the selection process of a “winning” clone/process that uses Pfenex’s Pseudomonas fluorescens-expression system, with a discussion of the subsequent scale up of the clone and process.


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