S11: Expeditious strain and process development for quality recombinant protein production in Pseudomonas fluorescens

Monday, November 7, 2011: 10:50 AM
Islands Ballroom G-J (Marriott Marco Island)
Lawrence Chew, Fermentation Development, Pfenex Inc, San Diego, CA
Throughout the discovery to commercialization pathway of therapeutic and vaccine proteins, the ability to develop a high quality protein product in a time and cost efficient manner is of particular value.  To this effect, a suite of toolboxes spanning strain, analytics, fermentation, and downstream process development have been established for a Pseudomonas fluorescens-based expression platform.   Rapid development of robust protein expression strains results from combining off-the-shelf toolboxes of expression plasmids that utilize a wide array of gene expression strategies with host strains of diverse phenotypes, resulting in unique strain candidates that are then screened via high throughput methods.  Subsequent far-reaching fermentation evaluation of strain finalists in predictably scalable mini and parallel bioreactor systems enables selection of strains which are robust in the eventual production process.  Case studies of successful implementation of this platform and subsequent scale-up will be presented.
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