Session 4: Disruptive Technologies: Delivering Innovation to Fermentation
Tuesday, November 10, 2015: 8:00 AM-11:30 AM
Grand Ballroom F-G (Hilton Clearwater Beach Hotel)
Dorothea Reilly - Genentech Inc.
Supaporn Suwannakham - DuPont Experimental Station

8:30 AM
Automated bioreactor sampling – process trigger sampling for enhancing microbial strain engineering and characterization
M.J. Maurer*, J.M. Skerker, L. Sutardja, A.L. Muehlbauer, D. Pinel and A.P. Arkin, University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA; W. Miller and M. Biksacky, Flownamics, Inc., Madison, WI; C.M. Huether-Franken and K. Rix, Eppendorf AG, Juelich, Germany
9:00 AM
Robust, Scalable Standardized Two-Stage Fermentations using Dynamic Metabolic Control
M. Lynch*, Z. Ye, D. Rodriguez, A. Trahan, A. Bozdag and G. Kelly, Duke University, Durham, NC
9:30 AM
10:00 AM
Break-Exhibits Open
10:30 AM
Production of long chain terminal alcohols through the ‘+1’ pathway: combining enzyme engineering, strain development and fermentation optimization to accelerate development
P. Sanghani, E. Shiue, C. Stowers*, M. Devarapalli, P. Bhosale and K. Hill, Dow AgroSciences, Indianapolis, IN; T. Ramseier and N. Mouncey, Dow AgroSciences LLC, Indianapolis, IN; M. Jones, Dow Chemical Compandy, Midland, MI; B. Kolthammer, D. Rosenfeld and A. Arthur, Dow Chemical Company, Freeport, TX
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