P33 Yeast Extract full definition: a powerful tool to mitigate bioprocess performance
Monday, November 9, 2015
Grand Ballroom A-E (Hilton Clearwater Beach Hotel)
A. SourabiƩ*, BioSpringer, LESAFFRE Group, Maisons-Alfort, FRANCE; C. Navas, M. Vallet and D. Druaux, Bio Springer, Maisons-Alfort; J. Alferman and L. Soto, Bio Springer North America, Milwaukee, WI
Yeast Extract (YE) is widely used in the industry as a critical component of biopharmaceutical and industrial fermentations media. YE uniqueness and potency is related to the complexity of its nutrients. These compounds have been shown to interact in a complex biochemical network, a native feature that cannot be mimicked by media supplementation or chemically defined ingredients.

In response to the rising demand for high quality, consistent and well-defined hydrolysates, Bio Springer, as the global leader in YE manufacturing, has launched an extensive research project with the primary objective to reduce or eliminate the risks associated with hydrolysates. The focus was to minimize any lot-to-lot variability. Our approach was to perform a comprehensive analytical characterization of a model YE coupled with fermentation studies in order to identify the critical and varying components that have significant impact on the bioprocess performance.

Based on the database we generated both from the monitoring of YE in process parameters and final product analysis we successfully identified a series of YE key components that significantly correlate with growth, yield and several final products quality attributes. We also determined the level of critical components and nutrients required to produce superior growth and productivity in a variety of fermentation models.

This approach represents an important step towards understanding the impact of individual biochemical components on bioprocess robustness and enhancement of production yields. The insights gained from this project will help for the rational design of a new generation of high quality, consistent YE for the fermentation industry.