Bruce Dale

DOE Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center
Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, Michigan State University
3815 Technology Boulevard
Lansing, MI
USA 48910

5-01 Fuel production from AFEXTM pretreated biomass: current status and future perspectives 14-07 Cellulases have low affinity but improved activity on unnatural cellulose allomorphs 17-07 Production and characterization of thermophilic glycosyl- and glycoside hydrolases from Alicyclobacillus acidocaldarius M1 Fundamental understanding of the recalcitrant cell wall and soluble enzymes present in hydrolysate at different stages of enzyme hydrolysis M4 Characterization of water-soluble lignin extractives from Extractive Ammonia (EA) pretreatment and their effects on yeast fermentation M8 Unmasking the Recalcitrance of Hardwoods and Methods for Improving AFEXTM Pretreatment Effectiveness M9 Factors that contribute to cellulose III conversion and associated impact on enzymatic digestibility of cellulose M16 AFEX pretreated Agave residues – a potential biorefinery feed stock to produce sustainable fuels and chemicals M96 Understanding the fundamental mechanism behind accumulation of oligosaccharides during high solids loading enzymatic hydrolysis M142 Analyses of Changes in Composition and Extractability of Cell Wall Glycans in Plant Biomass Subjected to Leading Pretreatment Technologies ST2-03 Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center: producing sustainable cellulosic biofuels T20 Herbaceous crop lignin depolymerization using transition metal supported molecular sieves catalysts T55 Comparing alternative cellulosic biorefinery systems: Minimum ethanol selling price and greenhouse gas emissions of centralized versus distributed processing systems T74 Microbial lipid production from AFEXTM pretreated corn stover using an oleaginous yeast strain T98 Effect of degradation products on Saccharomyces cerevisiae GLBRCY128 in the RaBIT (Rapid Bioconversion with Integrated recycle Technology) process using AFEXTM corn stover