Charles E. Wyman

University of California, Riverside
Chemical & Environmental Engineering, Center for Environmental Research and Technology, Bourns College of Engineering
1084 Columbia Avenue
Riverside, CA
USA 92507

1-03 Identification and Evaluation of Low Recalcitrance Natural Populus Variants as Top Biofuels Feedstock Candidates M54 THF: A novel co-solvent pretreatment strategy to achieve high combined sugar yields from lignocellulosic biomass M61 Assessing the Effect of Pretreatment Strategies on Biomass Deconstruction and Cellulose Accessibility for Clostridium thermocellum Compared to Free Enzymes M63 Coupling of metal halides with a co-solvent to enhance and consolidate co-production of furfural and 5-HMF from lignocellulosic biomass M66A THF co-solvent pretreatment enhances total sugar recovery and ethanol yields from corn stover at low enzyme loadings M81 Evaluating the impact of enzyme cocktail and loading on sugar release from municipal paper and cardboard wastes in California M108 Cellulose Reducing Ends (DPr) Play No Role in Cellulose Recalcitrance to Biological Conversion with T. reesei Enzymes M142 Analyses of Changes in Composition and Extractability of Cell Wall Glycans in Plant Biomass Subjected to Leading Pretreatment Technologies ST2 ST2: Bioenergy Science Center Update ST2-05 Roundtable on Bioenergy Centers T38 Kinetic modeling of effects of different metal halides on performance of thf co-solvent assisted production of sugars, furfural, hmf, and levulinic acid