Tuesday, May 1, 2007: 7:00 PM-9:00 PM
Grand Ball Room (Adams Mark Hotel)
Session STB: Special Topic B: Compositional and structural analysis of biomass
Invited presentations will highlight advances in the accuracy, precision, comprehensiveness, and cost of characterizing the structure and composition of lignocellulosic feedstocks, process intermediates and residues. Topic include, conversion of forage methods to fuels methods, tools for investigating cell wall limitations to enzymatic degradation, methods for customizing enzyme cocktails for biomass, new techniques for the analysis of carbohydrates, analytical methods that enhance our understanding of pretreatment, improved methods for monitoring process intermediates, and published standard analytical methods for biomass conversion processes.
Chairs:Bonnie R. Hames
C. Kevin Chambliss
7:00 PMCell wall limitations to efficient lignocellulosics bioconversion
Brigitte Chabbert, Imen Boukari, Johnny Beaugrand, Caroline Remond, Philippe Debeire
7:25 PMCustomizing enzyme cocktails for biomass saccharification using parallel capillary electrophoresis and LC-MS analysis of oligosaccharide reaction products
Justin Stege, Kevin Gray, Julia Khandurina, Hongjun Huang, Thoas McClure, Peter Domaille, Abraham Anderson, Ajit Botejue, Kelvin Wong
7:50 PMNew techniques for the analysis of carbohydrates
Neil J. Price
8:15 PMBreak
8:30 PMUnderstanding pretreatment processes
David K. Johnson, William S. Adney, Stephen R. Decker, Shi-You Ding, Bryon Donohoe, Tina Jeoh, Stephenie E. Porter, Michael J. Selig, Todd B. Vinzant, Michael E. Himmel, Claudia Ishizawa, Mark Davis
8:55 PMWhat can be learned from silage breeding programs?
Aaron J. Lorenz, James G. Coors
9:20 PMImproved analytical methods for monitoring process intermediates in biomass-to-ethanol conversion
C. Kevin Chambliss, Lekh N. Sharma, Christopher Becker, Richard A. Mowery, Shou-Feng Chen
9:45 PMStandard analytical methods supporting biomass conversion processes, ASTME48 activities
Foster Agblevor, Bonnie R. Hames

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