Call for Abstracts

RAFT® 15 - Recent Advances in Fermentation Technology

October 29 – November 1, 2023 Naples Grand, Naples, FL


NOTE: When entering your abstract title, use upper case letters ONLY for the first word in the title and any genus or proper name appearing in the title. Use lower case for all words in the title.


Submit your final abstract no later than September 18, 2023. You will be notified of acceptance as soon as possible but no later than the first week of October, depending on the date of submission.

The RAFT®15 Poster Session will be held Sunday, October 29 and Monday, October 30, 2023 evening. All posters displayed must have one author available during the prescribed time period to discuss the poster.

IMPORTANT: You will be notified by email of acceptance of your poster abstract. All accepted Poster Presenters should be registered and paid in full by the regular registration deadline of October 10, 2023. in order to have a space in the poster hall. Poster numbers will not be issued if you fail to register by the deadline. Authors may not be added to your submission once your abstract has been accepted. Please make sure to include ALL authors when submitting your abstract.

RAFT® 15 Poster Session Set-up

The poster session is 2 hours in length. Authors should be available during that time to answer questions, expand on the material and take part in discussions.

  • Poster Size: 4 feet high by 4 feet wide. Separate labeling with the poster title and authors may be prepared for the top of your poster space. There will be two posters per side of each 4-foot x 8-foot board. Please adhere to the poster size.
  • Set-Up: Poster boards will be available for setup on Sunday morning, November 6. Please have all posters displayed no later than 2:00PM.
  • Posters should be displayed on the assigned boards. Locate your poster number in the meeting online program. Poster numbers will be posted on poster board prior to set up.
  • Please do not write, draw or paste on the poster boards. Do not remove poster numbers. A supply of poster pins will be available.

Thank you for your submission. We look forward to your participation in RAFT®15.

Please contact SIMB at any time for additional assistance.


Submit your final abstract no later than September 25, 2023

A laptop will be available in the session room. Please check with your convener prior to the start of your session to coordinate the order of your talks. All presentations must be uploaded on the dedicated session laptop for ease of presentation. If you must use your own laptop, please notify SIMB.

Making Presentations Available to Attendees: Oral presenters should plan to upload their presentations to the Confex website where you submitted your abstract prior to the start of the meeting. Presentations will be viewable only to RAFT®15 attendees via password.

NOTE about Contributed Abstract Submissions. You will be notified of acceptance for an oral session no later than the first week of October, possibly sooner, depending on submission and availability. If a slot is not available in the technical sessions you will be invited to present in the poster session.

Maximum Abstract Length is 325 Words for all papers.

** Remember to include all authors when submitting your abstract. It is difficult to add them after the deadline. **

Technical Support

For help in submitting an abstract online, email Tech Support.