Session 11
Pretreatment and Fractionation III -Scale-Up and Commercialization Efforts
Wednesday, April 30, 2014: 8:00 AM-11:25 AM
Grand Ballroom D-E, lobby level (Hilton Clearwater Beach)
Deepti Tanjore - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA and V. Balan - Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

Consolidated processing of transgenic corn stover expressing cell wall degrading enzymes using a low severity pretreatment
Dongcheng Zhang, Amy L. VanFossen, Ryan M. Pagano, Cindy Zhang, Jeremy Schley Johnson and R. Michael Raab, Agrivida Inc., Medford, MA
An effective process for the enzymatic conversion of softwood into a sugar syrup and a functional lignin
Michael W. Jack, John A. Lloyd, Karl D. Murton, Roger H. Newman, Trevor R. Stuthridge, Ian D. Suckling, Kirk M. Torr and Alankar A. Vaidya, Scion, Rotorua 3046, New Zealand
Comparison of cellulose digestibility from straw and bagasse sugarcane submitted to two-step pretreatment
Priscila Maziero, Pilot Plant, National Center of Technology of Bioethanol, Campinas, Brazil, Naila Mori, Biotechnology Department, Engineering School of Lorena- EEL-USP, Lorena-SP, Brazil and Adilson R. Gonçalves, Departamento de Biotecnologia, Escola de Engenharia de Lorena - Universidade de São Paulo, Lorena, Brazil
Pilot scale de-risking of performance and application of AFEX™ technology
Timothy Campbell1, Farzaneh Teymouri1, Bryan D. Bals1, David Senyk1, John Glassbrook1, Chandra D. Nielson1, Josh J. Videto1, Spencer Beatty1, Janette M. Moore1 and Margie Magyar2, (1)MBI International, Lansing, MI, (2)Chemical Engineering and Materials Science; Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center, Michigan State University, Lansing, MI
Hydrolysis of extruded wheat straw with commercial enzymes supplemented with novel hemicellulose-degrading enzymes
Luis Niño1, Pablo Alvira2, Arnal Gregory2, M.Jose Negro1, Claire Dumon2, Mercedes Ballesteros1 and Michael O'Donohue2, (1)Biofuels Unit, Renewable Energies Department, CIEMAT, Madrid, Spain, (2)Lisbp, Université de Toulouse; INSA, UPS, INP, Toulouse, France
Pilot-Scale Pretreatment of Forest Residue by SPORL: Process Scale-up Design and Inhibitor Reduction for High Solids Fermentation without Detoxification
J. Y. Zhu, USDA Forest Service, Forest Products Laboratory, Madison, WI, Roland Gleisner, USDA, Forest Service, Forest Products Lab, Madison, WI, Haifeng Zhou, South China University of Technology and John Sessions, College of Forestry, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR
Lessons learned from pretreatment scale up
Christopher R.W. Gerken and Jeremy E. Javers, R&D, ICM, Inc, St. Joseph, MO
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