: Update on Project LIBERTY, the POET-DSM Advanced Biofuels Cellulosic Ethanol Biorefinery in Emmetsburg Iowa
Wednesday, April 30, 2014: 10:10 AM
Grand Ballroom A-C, lobby level (Hilton Clearwater Beach)
John H. Evans, POET Research, Sioux Falls, SD
POET-DSM Advanced Biofuels, a Joint Venture between POET and Royal DSM, has constructed a 20 MMgal cellulosic biorefinery alongside the POET Biorefining - Emmetsburg plant.  The plant, known as Project LIBERTY, is converting approximately 300,000 tons per year of corn residue, including stalks, husks, leaves and cob sourced from area farmers into cellulosic ethanol, biogas, and steam. 

POET-DSM has contracted with ANDRITZ Inc. to supply a two-step biomass treatment process for the commercial-scale Project Liberty plant.  The ANDRITZ technology is a two-stage process that includes a vertical reactor and a continuous steam explosion technology to pretreat lignocellulosic material. Material from the pretreatment is subjected to enzymatic digestion, and the resulting hydrolysate then fermented to bio-ethanol using recombinant yeast.  Stillage is fractionated into a lignin-rich cake and a soluble stream.  The lignin cake is combusted in a solid fuel boiler to provide steam to both the cellulosic and starch plants, and the soluble fraction is converted into biogas.   

The presentation will focus on the progress of ethanol and co-product production at the LIBERTY plant.