Biomass flexible pretreatment equipment for pilot and commercial scale
Tuesday, April 29, 2014
Exhibit/Poster Hall, lower level (Hilton Clearwater Beach)
Mads Berthinus Pedersen, Martin Hostrup, Magnus Hallas-Møller, Jacob Birke Reves, Mattias Ljunggren and Rune Skovgaard-Petersen, BioGasol ApS, Ballerup, Denmark
Lignocellulosic biomass, e.g. wheat straw, corn stover, poplar, sugarcane bagasse, is potential sustainable substrates for usage within second generation biofuel industry and chemical production. For feasible biomass utilization a proper pretreatment is necessary. However, different pretreatment strategies are needed for different lignocellulosic biomass. Strategies may vary within temperature, reaction time, additives and concentration of the additives. Furthermore, strategies may also vary with regard to the end product in mind.

BioGasol has specialized in continuous pretreatment equipment for lignocellulosic feedstock utilization. The equipment can be configured for each strategy requested from a customer with regard to biomass, end product and capacity. Continuous pretreatment equipment for a great variety of purposes requires thorough optimization by statistical design, followed by scalability and feasibility studies.

This presentation will show results of the work carried out on several types of biomass, and show the possibilities of scaling up the process for large scale pretreatment.