18-10: Kinetics of guaiacol hydrodeoxygenation (HDO) reaction with Fe-based catalyst in autoclave reactor

Tuesday, May 1, 2012
Napoleon Ballroom C-D, 3rd fl (Sheraton New Orleans)
Hui-Tsung Lin, Chiung-Fang Liu, Pei-Jung Yu, Yong-Cyuan Su, Hou-Peng Wan, Ying-Hsi Chang and Hom-Ti Lee, Green Energy & Environment Research Laboratories, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Chutung, Hsinchu, Taiwan
Guaiacol, which is considered as a representative component of the aromatic ring structures of bio-oil from pyrolysis of biomass, is used as a model compound to simulate the mechanism of hydrodeoxygenation during upgrading bio-oils. In this study, we synthesized the Fe-based catalyst, as called Fe-ITRI catalyst, and investigated kinetics studies of guaiacol hydrodeoxygenation in the presence of Fe-ITRI catalyst. For this reaction, the major deoxygenated products from guaiacol were obtained as phenol, cyclohexene, cyclohexanone, and cyclohexane. Within adjusting the reaction temperature, hydrogen pressure, and weight hour space velocity associated with Fe-ITRI catalyst, the experimental data was fitted for first-order kinetics. Additionally, the activation energy and pre-exponential factor were determined as 59.5kJ mol-1, and 735min-1, respectively.
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