Wednesday, May 2, 2007: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM
Grand Ball Room (Adams Mark Hotel)
Session 5A: Session 5A: Feedstock preprocessing and supply logistics
Chair:Rob Anex
Co-chair:Corey Radtke
8:00 AMLignocellulosic biomass to ethanol feedstock supply system design and economics for herbaceous biomass below 15% moisture
J. Richard Hess, Kevin L. Kenney, Christopher T. Wright, Patrick T. Laney, Corey W. Radtke, Peter A. Pryfogle, David J. Muth Jr.
8:30 AMComparison of harvest and storage of corn stover and perennial grasses
Kevin J. Shinners
9:00 AMI-FARM - A decision tool for biomass production
Tom L. Richard, Ed Van Ouwerkerk, Rob Anex
9:30 AMBundled slash: A potential new biomass resource for fuels and chemicals
Philip H. Steele, Brian K. Mitchell, Eugene Columbus, Mark Bricka
10:00 AMBreak
10:30 AMTechno-economic feasibility of regional biomass processing facilities
Joseph E. Carolan, Bruce E. Dale, Satish V. Joshi
11:00 AMAgronomics of switchgrass as a dedicated energy crop
R.B. Mitchell, Kenneth P. Vogel, M.R. Schmer, G. Sarath
11:30 AMImproved process for harvest and concentration of algal lipid for biodiesel production
David E. Brune, Lance E. Beecher

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