Tuesday, May 1, 2007 - 9:00 AM

Bio-crude to flexible bio-refineries

Srinivas Kilambi, President & CEO, Bio-Refinery, Reliance Industries Ltd, NAVI MUMBAI, MAVI MUMBAI, 400071, India

Vision Mission Objectives (VMOs):


  1. Conceive, initiate and lead the global convergence of Agricultural and Energy sectors
  2. Leverage the synergies between the two to create a global $1+ Billion business by 2012 AD and an IPO by 2008-9.
  3. Usher India's 2nd Green (Food) revolution and Black (Energy) revolution in parallel.
  4. To produce the cheapest, fastest and best biomass based energy platforms starting with bio-ethanol.
  5. Global leadership in IP, in-house developed technologies & patents.


Organized Scientific Agriculture + Innovation  →   2nd (Energy + Food) Revolution


$2 Billion+ Business by 2012 with over 50 % contribution margins through flexible products basket based on Optimized “Volume + Value (V+V)” = Bio-X-Nol flexibility (X = etha, propa, buta, penta..). “Bio-Crude” raw materials basket strategy gives multi-feed stock flexibility, lowest procurement & logistics costs + no need to focus on a feedstock but on a basket fitting a defined selection criteria.


First principles and IP based technology approach. Fit / develop technology for best business economics & not vice versa (let the dog wag the tail and not vice versa). Fractionate “Bio-Crude” basket into high value pure fractions of Cellulose (C), Hemi Cellulose (HC), & Lignin (L). Refine & Process each fraction into best “V + V” model. End to End R&D and its integration into a 5 TPD pilot plant to optimize Bio-Crude basket, and technology. Finally, Lignin, gypsum and carbon-di-oxide sales/utilization have been defined.