Session 21: Diversity: Implicit Bias in the Workplace Sponsored by Dow AgroSciences
Tuesday, July 26, 2016: 1:00 PM-4:30 PM
Grand Couteau, 5th Fl (Sheraton New Orleans)
Susan Bagley - Michigan Tech University and Raul J. Cano - California Polytechnic State University
Diversity of people, perspective and thought are core values of SIMB and key to the success of our research and development activities, regardless of type of institution. Our vision will only be realized by a research community that is as diverse as the communities are it endeavors to benefit.  In this session, we will discuss and explore implicit bias in the lab and workplace. Implicit bias is an unconscious attitude, either positive or negative, that a person holds about a group, person, or thing. In STEM, implicit bias is often an unconscious negative attitude towards women or URMs. This was well exhibited in a recent study where professors were given resumes for laboratory manager positions from a male and a female with equal qualifications. Regardless of gender of the professor, the male was selected for the position significantly more and also, more frequently offered a higher salary. This may be a reflection of the fact that STEM has been historically dominated by the male gender and that continues to influence the unconscious attitudes of all members in the STEM community.  Implicit Bias will be discussed by the keynote speaker; there will also be an Implicit Bias training session that will be conducted by members of the SIMB Diversity Committee. We will also discuss the purpose of the Diversity Committee, review our activities and plans and recognize our SIMB Diversity Award winners for 2016.

1:00 PM
 Microbial cultures: geeks, girls and gender in the laboratory and beyond
Joan Bennett, Department of Plant Biology & Pathology, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ
2:00 PM
Discuss Diversity Committee purpose, activities and plans; Presentation of 2016 Diversity Award winners
2:30 PM
Break, Grand Ballroom 5th Fl
3:00 PM
Implicit Bias training (Laura Jarboe and Sara Shields-Menard)
4:00 PM
Panel Discussion
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