Workshop 1-Fermentation Basics: Organizer, Mark Berge, Medimmune (separate registration fee)

Sunday, August 12, 2012: 7:30 AM-4:00 PM
DuPont, Terrace Level (Washington Hilton)


$375 SIM Member

$525 Non-Member

$188 Students

This workshop’s focus is to provide individuals with an introduction to fermentation concepts in industrial settings. The workshop will be lecture-based with visual aids to help the attendees understand the fermentation principles discussed. The workshop will be broken into sections based upon the topics that are being presented. After each section has been completed, the attendees will be given real life fermentation case studies that they will work through to reinforce the just discussed topics. The first section of the workshop will include topics on fermenter design including aspect ratios, agitator design, sparger design and sterilization of equipment and media. The second section will deal with actual operational issues of fermentation processes. Included will be discussions about media considerations, foam control strategies, shear, mixing, aeration, feeds and different types of fermentations and the controls involved. The workshop will finish with a section that covers issues involved in scale-up to production size fermentors.

Workshop Schedule


Fermentation Introduction



Fermentation Organisms



Filamental fungus

Microbial Growth & Production

Growth measurement methods

Basic kinetics

Production systems

Problem Set #1

Fermentation Media

Carbon sources

Nitrogen sources

Trace elements

Fermentation Methods




Problem Set #2

Types of Fermenters Airlift


Fermentation Equipment




pH probes

DO probes




Problem Set #3

9:30 am Break

Agitation/Mixing Impellers

Power input

Shear input

Problem Set #4


Gassing strategies



Effect on agitation

Oxygen transfer

Oxygen uptake measurement

Carbon dioxide evolution

Problem Set #5

Noon – 1 pm Lunch

1:00 PM

Fermenter Mass Balance

Fermenter Energy Balance

Problem Set #6

Fermentation Scaling


Benefits/ challenges

2:30 pm Break

3:00 Case Study

4:00 Conclusion

Mark Berge

2010-Current: Sr. Scientist at MedImmune, Inc. in the Process Cell Culture & Fermentation group leading a team responsible for fermentation and cell culture process development activities. 2006-2010: Sr. Scientist at Amgen Inc. in Cell Science & Technology group developing processes for therapeutic protein production using fermentation. 1999-2005: Sr. Scientist at Pfizer Inc. in Global Biologics division developing processes for therapeutic protein production using cell culture. 1995-1999: Process Engineer at FermPro Manufacturing in deep tank toll manufacturing for varied customers of food grade materials. Mark holds a B.S. and M.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of New Hampshire.

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