Special Topics - Women in industrial microbiology Chair: Joan W. Bennett, Rutgers University Panelists: Carol Baker, Pfizer; Susan Bagley, Michigan Technological University; Debra Chadick, Altria (ret). Linda Lasure, Lasure & Associates

Tuesday, August 14, 2012: 3:30 PM-5:30 PM
Meeting Room 9-10, Columbia Hall, Terrace Level (Washington Hilton)
Joan Bennett
Included in this year’s program is a roundtable entitled “Women in Science with an emphasis on the role of women in SIMB, and how to inspire young women to pursue a career in the sciences. During the history of SIMB eight women have served as presidents, three have won the Thom award, and seven women have been appointed Fellows. The overall theme for discussion will be what inspired the participants to get involved in industrial. Participants will also share the importance of mentors, obstacles, and the individual perspective of women in science now. Attendees then will be encouraged to share their experiences as students and professionals in science. Based on the discussions and feedback, consideration will be given to the formation of a women’s committee to promote contributions by women to SIMB.

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